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Head Swaps

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Looking to do a head swap on my British Line. Looking for India Sepoy heads of the 1850-1940 period. I could probably model and sculp these myself but was wondering if anyone have seen these out there. I'm basically doing an East India CO. army to go along with my EIC navy in DW.

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Mutineer Miniatures do minis that might be useful, although you would be buying the whole mini, just for the heads.


Ramshackle Games have Turbaned heads with Gasmasks.


Empress Miniatures have a set of 4 Turbanned heads for their Spanish Civil War Moors (H10 on this page) although they are listed as out of stock.


Gripping Beast have Hindi and Sikh heads listed (but no pics). An example of each type is at the bottom of this page.


There are also WWII Indian heads available here.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and how easy the head swaps turn out to be. I like the idea of getting completely different and compatible troop types by such a simple method.

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