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Slick's Dystopian Wars Painting Log

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Slick here with the start of my Dystopian Wars painting log. I recently picked up some of the new allied nations releases for the Prussians which includes the Kingdom of Denmark. These ships look somewhat similar to the Prussians with some subtle differences. Their rules and flavor are interesting in that they are more of a defensive fleet with the frigates and gunships being able to drop mines in addition to other weaponry. Here is a pic of one of the gunships I have been working on.




I decided to go with a rather bright scheme to differentiate them from my Prussians and decided that their national colors would work well for this. It still needs some touching up but will soon be finished along with the rest of the squadron. After that, it is on to the frigates! More pics coming soon. Comments welcome!

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Slick here again with an update for my Prussians. Below is one of my completed Metzgers. These are one of the coolest models in the game. Rather than than the usual iron cross motifs, I am keeping all the 'Templar' units with a simple and primarily black color scheme. Comments welcome!







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Hello everyone, Slick here with a Dystopian Wars update. More work continues on the Prussians. I recently picked up all of the Allied Nation units available to the Prussians and that includes this awesome new airship!  I went with a minimalist approach for the Aufseher to make it look a bit more menacing as it approaches and then disgorges its deadly cargo. Comments welcome!







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Slick here again with an update for my Prussians. I've been working on the massive Seydlitz mobile airfield! This is one of the coolest models in the Dystopian Wars range. I've still got some finishing details to work on but here are some in progress pics. Comments welcome!







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I love the guns and cranes, what colors did you use to get that?

The guns and cranes are mostly leadbelcher silver drybrushed with a light seppia wash followed by a black wash. The tesla coils are just a tin color for now. I've got some more work to do there as well as the flight decks, and the base of course.

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This is actually a ship I've had for quite some time, it just never managed to find its way onto the blog. I added a Magenta to my forces back when they were originally released.  It still needs some detailing but it is good enough for the tabletop in the meantime. Comments welcome!







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Slick here again with another update for my Prussian Empire forces. Today I've got a pair of completed Metzgers to share. These are some of the coolest and iconic models in the entire game and they look great towering over everything else on the battlefield. In keeping with other Teutonic Order units, I've kept the scheme mostly dark to emphasize the intimidating nature of these gigantic machines. Comments welcome!











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It's been quite some time since I've had a chance to get some painting done for Dystopian Wars but I've been getting back into the swing of things! I painted up one of the large landing craft. Still needs some highlights and washes, but it's a start. 






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I like the Ottoman paint scheme, it's simple but effective.


For the Italian ship I'm not so sure. The issue with black and white is that it's already a very basic set of colours to begin with. So to make them stand out a bit (to avoid making them look lazy), it would be nice to add some kind of pattern. It could help already to simply paint one side panel in white; it breaks the large black surface, especially on these high Italian ships.


Using black and white is not easy, I'm struggling with it as well at the moment (trying it out for my Americans), and I find these colours easily come off as lazy, quick-to-paint colour schemes.

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