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Official Marauders & Mercenaries Thread: OSO OmniDyne

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I finely had time to read the background information on the Rift. I see Omnidyne is at war with the Syndicate. Their trying to take the Rift from the Syndicate. I see some fun games ahead with these two.

No surprise to me that Omnidyne made Pathogen X9-V. I knew these evil corporations would be behind it.

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I dont think i have the equipment to weight it sry. Dont have any baking weight/scales or something like that at home.


Btw i hope i can paint some more stuff in January because i have at least one weeks of vacations there, probably this beast will one of my top candidates. One of the gunships is already started and the dread is silver.

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Actually spartan did this at some pictures in motr. It might be possible that they will release it a battleship. However I think it would be nicer if they had a own model for the battleship. Moreover if they already decided to use it as battleship they could've simply released it when the dread was available. So I guess they are still thinking about options.

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There's a picture floating around with one of the halves on it's own painted up, and I think someone said it was noted in MoTR as a battleship? So I guess it can't be all that far off from a release.



Though, I did think much the same thing about that repair station. (Which I have to say, has been doing the best impression of a ninja I have ever seen)

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