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With More Thought, I Have Changed My Mind For Prussia Scheme

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I have decided to basecoat GW Kantor Blue, wash GW Drakkenhoff Nightshade, and then layer with (GASP!) p3 Cygnar Blue Base. I then highlight withgw Altoic Blue because Cygnar Blue Base is actually not stark enough on its own to go for the high contrast I'm looking for (hate mixing paints ftl =( )

Pants are black with P3 Greatcoat Grey highlights.

Boots are gw Scorched Brown, washed gw agrax earthshade, layer bestial brown, edge h/l with gw snakebite leather (and when these paints run out, I will be switching over to my P3 browns).

Their neck pieces (word for this escapes me atm) and helmets are black. Metal on front and back of helmets aregw Leadbelcher. Spike & eagle are gw Warplock Bronze, Agrax Earthshade, layer gw Brass Scorpion, a dot of glare with gw Runelord Brass.

Stripe on pants and cuffs on sleeves are gw Mephiston red, washed agrax earthshade, layered gw Evil Sunz Scarlet, fine edge with gw Troll Slayer Orange. p3 Skorne Red and Khador Red Base didn't have the look I was going for on these.

Backpack - same recipe as boots.

The cloth on backpack (sleeping bag? no idea) is gw Zandri dust, washed agrax earthshade, layered gw Ushabti Bone, layered again gw Screaming Skull.

The sargeant's body piece & helmet is Mephiston Red to make him stand out a little more from the rest of the group.

Guns are leadbelcher over entire body, boots recipe for butt of gun, metal wing warplock recipe as listed above.

I will post WIP shots as I have them (currently at work and I wanted to share my scheme).

EDIT: Posted GW and P3 where relevant.

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Could you post the paint companies names? Would like to know what colors your talking about. Or is this not allowed on the forums.

Can't wait to see what they come out like.

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