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I Just Cracked The 10K-Mark!

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Just updated my totals - and my .sig to shorten it.


I'm also looking forward to picking up three boxes in the next three months - A Prussian Naval Battle Group next week, An Indian Raj Naval Battle Group, and An Indian Raj Armoured Battle Group in the following period - That should bring me up to 32,500 or so.

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I got all the aerial boxes, 2 of 3 naval boxes (old) and a lot of extra naval stuff for CoA, the Russians just get sexed up with new Naval Box and Strike flotilla. I'll hit 5000 soon. Then there is Black Wolf and Merchants and PLC and Free Australians ... "Must not buy too much ships ... aaargh!"  :lol:

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I can field 10K in CoA models. (If all 3 theaters are included.) Still, that is not my fleet I feel is, or at least will be, will be the biggest.


I can field a Chinese Federation force over 4500 points. I fell in love with the look of the models before stats even existed and ordered the initial boxes sight unseen.


When the new dragon and air models come along, I think that will probably go up to about 8K real quick. After that....who can say?

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