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I Just Cracked The 10K-Mark!

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Once the new box gets in my penguiny flippers my CoA only force will be just over 10k.  Excited for that, just about to prime my Ottomans too (and my HEC/EIMC *sigh* so much to paint such little painting ability lol) and getting the rest of my CoA airbrushed and painted up with the rest.

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as soon as i fill in the gaps in my squadrons (need 3x Revere, 2x a17, 1x Lee, 4x pioneer, 3x Defiance) to redistribute them to full-sized, i'll be over 17000pts. my current count is 16970.


on a related note, my CoA are almost at 10k (9750 at the moment) they just need their squadrons filled out to full-sized also

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Have you guys thought of doing 24 hour games with no returns of sunk units a way of using a 10K+ force. I'm a fan of large long games, 3K+ and find that if amassive fleet is devided into a series of legal but flavoured reserve fleets that you can get a pretty decent long running game. 

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