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Official Zenian League Thread: Works Raptor

Raptors Most Wanted  

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Ok lets get into more details about the Zenian League:

Which Raptor ships are you planning to play?

Explanations why are welcome below.

Stats wise the Raptors arent my favorites amongst the Zenian League only the Corvette is really impressive i think.

Assault Carrier:

Somehow i feel that everything this ship does another ship can do better.


- Special Forces are nice but 7 AP for 160 points arent impressive at all i think (compare it with some cruisers that are even faster).

- Carrier Capacity is rather low

- Weapons are weaker than the Vo'Nar Carrier

- Defensive stats without shield arent that good as well

Assault Cruiser:

This one could be worth it.


- 5AP with Special Forces

- Max Squad of 4

- 10MV


- Costs a high for a cruiser with limited firepower

- 4 AD torpedoes are almost senseless

- only normal defensive stats might make it difficult to get into boarding range

Torpedo Cruiser:

RSN Destroyer does the same but a lot better.


I don't have to write much anyone who talked about them rates them strong: AP3 MV15 CR6 and even usable weapons for 20 points.

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One of the reasons I no longer contribute my money to BM37K's plastic crack, and have convinced all my friends to come play Spartan games of one flavor or other is that Spartan is not so relentlessly profit-driven. They really seem to have an attention to making a better game rather than simply flailing the money tree for all it is worth.

On a related note, sure do hope the developers take a close look at the rules for the Tyranny Corvette before they release a model for it. They were well into brokenly good even before the recent errata. Now that Elusive Target has been added said corvette should be priced at roughly twice as much as it costs now.

Both of those things said, I am going to be fit to be tied if the model is released for these rules, which are nerfed roughly a month or two later after every Zenian player has 8 of them in every fleet. It's perfectly fine to have made imperfect rules or release a model late, but not to use those excuses to trick people into spending more money.

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I think it is strong with those stats. But for double the cost noone would play them. At least 5 points more would be fine i think. Because small ships die so quickly its had to balance the points for them. If you make a small ship too expensive without increading its defenisve potential a lot it wont ever be worth it.

Some of those 35p points frigates we already have are simply too expensive in my opinion. Its so much easier to destroy 2 frigates than one cruiser.

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I remember a test game report from the old community. One player stacked those corvettes while the other had a rather normal setup. The corvette player didnt totally destroy the other. It was a rather close match if i remember correctly.

Yes they are very strong and should be priced higher, but what would you suggest? 45 points 40 points? Who would play them at those costs?

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I don't havemy rulebook with me (go figure :-p, though I'm probably closish to you Caine) but don't frigates pop regardless of hull points from a crit? That wound mean it would take 'only' 10 dice to kill it on avg. Still too good for the points though.


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I was looking at this ship today.

Squad of 4, AP3, MV15", CR6, Elusive target.

It looks like it has only one job, BOARD A BIG SHIP, and it's pretty good at it -- once per game. The CR, MV, and Elusive Target help it get there quickly and intact. Then 12AP is pretty scarey (though most BB/DN have a fresh boarding defence of 10-12 before PD fire). So you rush in, make your boarding assault and hope it pays off on something big. Then what? You have a 20pt ship with one moderate gun system (10 linked AD)

Killing them:

To get that critical to blow them up -- 14 AD hitting on 6 score enough for 6 hits 53% of the time. You need 10AD on 5+ to hit to have a 51% chance of 6 hits. They will absorb a lot of fire.

The only real alternative is mines or bombers, since boarding them with your own frigates looks difficult.

Compare all this to the Scythe -- who delivers 10 AP, but has 3x the same gun system, and a bigger squad. Downsides, less durable, easier to hit, slightly slower.

Also compare with the Karn or the Kelor, who are still pretty useful after AP delivery.

Of course, I haven't played it out. The extra survivability may pay off as the most useful feature.

I think if the boarding assault wins against something large (carrier or bigger) they'll make up their 80pts points like heroes. However, there are a lot of people who claim boarding doesn't pay-off like it used to with good PD all over the place. So I'd want to run it a few times and see what happens.

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the Tyranny might seem OP but the thing you have to remember is that small squadrons will still kick out enough damage to destroy them pretty handily. Granted that only 5 and 6 hit which means that small squadrons will have to throw 9-10 dice at a corvette for it to go away in one shot. its well within the possibility for most frigate squadrons in the game to do that. also factoring in the relatively small squadron size and average damage for the corvettes, they might crit a cruiser but most heavy cruisers and up will only take a damage. Corvettes with the elusive target MAR add more of a rock/paper/scissors effect to the game. The Dindrenzi player who is accustomed to taking gunships, heavy cruisers, battleships and dreadnoughts might have to think about adding in more hammers to deal with pesky corvettes; giving the opposing fleet's capital ships more of a breather from the usually helacious firepower of the heavy hitters.

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CaineHoA: What Vo'Nar carrier? The Vo'Nar are nowhere to be seen in v2! As such, the Assault carrier is an interesting ship, it's not superb in any ONE area, but a little of a jack-of-all trades. This could make it quite an interesting or quite a poor ship - only time and play will see! I'm guessing how the model turns out will also GREATLY influence whether I play them or not!

The Assault cruiser and Corvette are looking good stat-wise, and will definately see play unless the models trun out like steaming t*rds!

Torpedo cruiser? Meh...why bother?

How did you know that I have some of those 'steamers' in my fleet?

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