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First Attempt At An Ocean Table

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Hi all. I originally posted this on the old forums, but thought I would move it over here.

Nothing special, just a wooden framed MDF topped 6'x4' gaming table. Purchased some blue interior paint, and mixed that with white and black craft paints to get the different shades. Brushed on, Rollered on, and sponged on. Then a can of clear varnish, brushed on the first coat, then rollered on the next 2 coats.

The original plan for a setup was going to be...


Anyway, the table itself is below...






The table now has a covering of Blue Duct Tape around the bare timber at the sides.

Any Comments/Critiques are always welcome.


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Thanks for the kind words guys. There are other land masses being planned. I'd like to do an Iwo Jima -esque island that will be roughly 4' long and 2'-3' wide in the near future. Volcano @ 1 end, hills and valleys etc for the rest of the island, then paint it black/grey. Could be interesting.

@ Lokthagos, the islands are based on 5-6 mm MDF. I wanted to go 3mm... but the warping would've been terrible, so I had to bite the bullet and go the thicker. With paint/etc they came out 'ok'. Good enough that I'm happy to put up with them.


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