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Invaders Colour Scheme Database

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Base in GW Dark Angels Green (or any dark green)

Heavy wet-brush with Tamiya Dark Copper

Wash with GW Waywatcher Green Glaze

Leg joint "cylinders" painted with P3 Arcane Blue

Leg joint "flats" painted with any bright Red

Central "eye" and "windows" on side-lobes of main body painted with any bright Yellow

Death Ray central beam and Energy Arc "eyes" painted first with any bright silver/platinum metallic, then with Tamiya Clear Green

Death Ray prongs surrounding central beam highlighted with metallic Gold

Central ridge along back of main body on large tripods and Hive ship painted with Bone White

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Easy to add if you drill a hole - but the model becomes even more fragile for transport!

At my club we aim to have a large 3k invaders match. All human alliances/rivalries forgotten as they face off against a massive alien wave.

Trickiest part is making sure the invaders get there in one piece.

I found the legs just did not want to be glued onto the bases. So I created a silicone mould (of their base plate) then plonked the invader in the mould and poured resin around its feet

This strengthens the entire model for a sturdier construction.

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@ richomack88  - that sounds like a good way to stabilize those legs. I bought four packs of Invaders when they first came out and I really haven't got very far with assembling them due to the fragility of those legs!

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If you have a son or daughter assembling models like this is a breeze; two words...

Play Doh

Build a tower out of play doh, plonk the InBader body on top, attach the legs, which have a blob of play doh on each foot to stabilise, then squirter superglue into the joints - try not to put too much on otherwise you might bond the Play Doh.

I used this method for the Invaders and my two Windsor mobile forts. Works a treat.

Once it's dry try the resin casting method - viola!

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Pictures of how I built the invaders:


Play Doh is the king here ! Glue the "groin" to the head, then use Play Doh to create a secure structure to hold the legs in place for gluing


Like so


Smaller tripods - drill out the locating holes for a better fit


Ta-da Play Doh again


Lined up


Easy way to attach the death rays using the weight of the model, rather than holding each piece manually


To make your Invaders more robust I use a two part resin mix to create a base, which wraps around the bottom of the legs - holding it all in place as the normal method of gluing the tips of the legs to the car bases is not strong enough for my liking.




Quick undercoat spray


All my Invaders standing off against my 2 Windsors; Bill and Ben

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