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Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Hawker Industries

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Looking at some recent stuff (light cruisers!) I am looking at our escorts and going like "what."

Just give them sector shielding if they don't want them to have full shields. It'd be fluffy for a 'tacked-on'-shield system.


Right now they are 10-15 points more expensive than most frigates and not that much better, if at all.

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Most escorts are in a weird place.  Not cost effective compared to wings, easier to pick off, and in a lot of way just pricey.  I feel like armed escorts make sense with their costs.  The unarmed ones...not so much really.  my group tested cheaper unarmed escorts a long time ago, giving it a whirl to see how it went, and even a 5 pt reduction saw a big uptick in usage from escorts.  That being said, I'm still not sure the Hawker escort would be worth 15 pts, given that in a lot of ways, it's about the same durability as a Terran one, albeit through hull rather than shields.  

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Posted this already on my hobby thread but though I'd add it here too :)


After months of delays at dry dock caused by complications fitting the newer shield tech and targeting systems onto the re-activated Excelsior and Resolute class ships, Fleet Admiral Nicoli of the 65th Hawker Battle group was finally forced to put to space with whatever ships he could, due to reports of an encroaching Relthoza fleet causing havoc with commercial shipping. 

Aboard his Excelsior class Battleship, Endurance, he led a fleet of three Resolute cruisers and four Endeavour Frigates. His accompanying carrier force left behind due to potentially disastrous problems with their fold space drives. 

Almost as soon as they left space dock all three Resolutes reported new problems with their upgraded targeting suites but Nicoli was forced to push on regardless as his was the only fleet within striking distance of the latest reports of Relthoza attacks.

With orders given to his Resolute captains to revert back to their antiquated targeting systems if necessary, the fleet powered up their FSDs and jumped to the last known coordinates of the enemy.... 










... With a flash of incandescent light, the Endurance returned to the Tolian system where her berth lay in the Kestrel Ship Yards, a series of smaller bursts of light signalled the arrival of the remains of the fleet. As his engineering crews set about their repairs, Nicoli reflected on what had been an indecisive engagement. 

One of the xenos heavy cruisers had been confirmed destroyed by his Frigate hunter killer squadron, with possible heavy damage caused to another. However this had come at the cost of three of their number, the Indomitable being the only ship that survived to make the return jump. 

His own flagship, had confirmed the destruction of three of their smaller vessels, akin to our own Frigates or Escorts in size. But had taken some damage in return, nothing that would put her out of action but it would still cost valuable man hours to put right. 

His anger flared as the after action reports came in from the captains of the cruisers; Courageous, Fearless and Illustrious. Their new targeting systems having completely failed and rendered them toothless in the battle. The reports of each captain showing no confirmed hits on any enemy vessels throughout the entire engagement. The techs at Kestrel Station would pay for their mistakes, lives could and potentially were lost through his cruisers failings. 

The fact that the bulk of the Relthoza fleet had escaped relatively unscathed from the engagement would come back to haunt him. He knew this. Rarely can those cowardly spiders be drawn into a pitched battle, preferring to rely on their shifting cloaking fields to pounce on defenceless transports instead. The chance to cause real damage to that fleet had slipped through his fingers and he was not sure if or when he would get another. 

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So if the hints Warcradle is dropping are true that Hawker will switch sides to the Zenian League and join the Directorate, where will that leave the Kurak Alliance in terms of Cyberwarfare weapons?   Shafted from the looks of it.

I for one really don't like the sound of this and I'm also losing my favored ally for the Terrans and will be forced to use the cr@ptastic Terran battleships again (unless Warcradle fixes them)

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I think that Warcradle has shown a certain ruthlessness in its refashioning of the Dystopian Universe, that isn't looking for continuity, only what they deem a better setting.  They have no love for the Spartan megablocks, and I believe have stated are looking to have something similar to six to eight factions seen in DWars, and so may have a mercenary/directorate faction.  

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