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Pez's Alliance Support Fleet.

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Here are the beginnings of my Alliance of Kurak Support Fleet. I tend to call it the "Alliance fleet" for short.

You've seen my unofficial Ryushi Carrier, but these Xelocians are new. I'll post up the others later as I finish them.

The Xelocian Contingent:

It took me forever to settle with a colour scheme that I liked. There are not many examples of them out there. Not many painted ones have made it on the internet. Tank's Xelocians are quite nice. He has some great assembly tips too. I didn't want to copy his colour scheme so I struggled to create my own. I wanted them to look "bird-ish" without being silly, yet still contrast strongly with my other fleets. I looked at all kinds of bird images and finally settle on colouration of those white macaws. I thought this might give them an imperial "lace" feeling.

Like Tank, I ordered some coloured acrylic rods to replace the power core.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Hantari. I think the concept is really cool. I like the alternative use of materials and the ship concept of being a "flying gun" is compelling. But, these ships are a pain in the #$@$% to put together. It can be done, but It's not as easy as Spartan's other models. If the 3 poles are not all the same length or the centre plates slip while being glued you end up with all kinds of problems. But I got them all together, and you can too!

I had to modify them. The design is missing any kind of scale reference (something to help your eye imagine how big it is). When you look at the model you have a hard time identifying anything "human sized" -- no bay doors, no portholes, no command centres. Also the engines turned out very badly on all 6 of my ships. So I laser-cut a few simple parts to assemble a tower/bridge and an engine plate. That did the trick for me. The antennae mimic the white macaw's crest, and the three exhaust ports reflect the triangular design and the three Xelocian eyes in the fluff.




More ships from other contingents to follow.

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I love the color scheme. It seems to fit the fluff background better than mine. (I painted mine before most the fluff came out, oh well) The addition to the bridge looks great and I like what you did to the engine ports. I wish I had your modeling talent. Overall A+.

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Notoriously hard to decipher.

Their handwriting is "chicken scratches" after all. ;)

I have an image of a flock of young teen Xelocians using their newest found (stolen) high tech smartphones and trying to text with "chicken scratches".

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The Tarakian Battleship and the previously seen Ryushi Battle Carrier stand-in are completed.

For paint schemes I'm trying to use the same colours in different ways to provide a unified look to the fleet even though it's made of many minor factions with different traditions.



And the fleet as is:

The second squad of Hantarii are missing, but the photo was getting crowded. I expect to add some more Karn Frigates and Sulan cruisers soon.


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Ryushi battlecarrier resambles with bentusi ships from homeworld. That said it looks great.

That was one part of the inspiration; the other was the Trade federation battleship from Star Wars. I mixed a little "art nouveau" styling in there for an alien look.

The engines were done with white undercoat, followed by:

  • A very light blue blocking
  • A medium blue drybrush
  • then went back and blended the two blues with another in-between light blue.
  • picked out the very centre with white dots.
  • All of it by paint brush

I think some of the effect is enhanced by being seen directly against the black engine section -- increasing contrast and making the glow looker brighter than it is. Tricks the eye a little.

The green glow was pretty much the same except I found a very strong yellow-green (almost neon) that seemed to glow partly on it's own.

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