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Old player coming back to a lot of questions

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Hi there,

Used to play Dystopian Wars when it was originally released.  Now my friends and I are talking about dusting off our fleets again. HOWEVER... There are many, many questions.

Unit Cards: I have seen the unit cards referred to in the v3.03 Rulebook, but nowhere can I find them. I am sure they are somewhere, but the fact that I have to hunt for them in the Mariana Trench makes it wildly un-fun. 

The ORBAT has unit information, but since the new units look different from the old units, I have no idea which ones are supposed to be which.

I noticed the dreadnaughts don't exist anymore, nor do my double decker carriers for the Federated States of America. The South have lost under new management, so apparently that means the P.C. Police have won another battle (yay! screw rules clarity! Top priority is to make the background more difficult to criticize).

I really don't know where to begin now. I can tell you if the beginning means having to buy all new miniatures, it's a non-starter.  Advice would be appreciated.

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Welcome back!! 

A few things from your questions:

1) You can grab the "Rules and Gubbins" sets (sold in various languages) which contains the core rules, dice, counters, cards and measuring items https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/dystopian-wars/82217-dystopian-wars-rules-gubbins-set-english
I've linked to an example of the english on the wayland site, but you should be able to order it from a local store to you stocking the game. 
There's also brand new starter sets coming out end of this month for 4 of the main factions which contain a starter fleet, support fleet and the rules material. So those might be ideal purchases for any looking to buy into the new ships and game. Of course all the material is also up online which you've already found along with updated erratas and updated orbats. 

2) Unit cards are just the Orbat information in card form. I think its one of those things under review and right now the Orbats are used for reference. 

3) The Orbats used to have a conversion table for the different fleets, those were removed from the Orbat and are set to return as their own document at some point in the near future (chances are asking on the facebook or discord groups will help chivvy them along a bit)

4) Dreadnoughts do still exist, but as Warcradle had to restart the game from the ground up, many many things have just not been released nor developed yet. There's actually one dreadnought already in the game, the huge Prussian Sky Fortress dreadnought. Plus the Russian forces have their huge sea fortress which also flies the flag under the Black Wolf Mercenary force as well. 
Many of the factions were compressed into fewer forces from what Spartan Games had - this was an effort to try and keep the game having the model diversity but at the same time not end up with an SKU range that was so vast that no store would stock it and that expanding/supporting the different factions would become a huge issue.
One big step WC have taken is that they've used plastic multipart models - so many of the cruiser hulls can create quite a wide range of different ship classes. So there's actually quite a good chunk of core ships already out. 



Note the forums don't get used all that much now. I'd encourage you to check out the Facebook and Discord groups which are more active. Chances are if you ask around there someone will have saved the comparison tables for old to new ships and can share those details with you for your current fleets. 

Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/sturginiumlounge
Discord invite https://discord.gg/3VVjGaG2Mn

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