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Crown Guardian Generator Rules Question

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Reading the latest version of the Crown Orbat (3.02) I'm not 100% clear on how to interpret the rules. 

My understanding is that for each round you can effectively build up a guardian  points pool as you progress through it. For example my first activation in the round is a Victory Class carrier with 3 points. If I don't spend any of them during my opponents next unit activation, I can carry them over and add the points from the next unit I actviate to the pool, say 2 points to make 5. Thus in theory I can use all the cumulated points from all of my guardian carrying units in the play area to defend against my opponents last attack against a guardian generator carrying friendly model for that round. Any unused points are then disgarded in the End Phase. 

Do other people interpret the rules this way? 


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I believe you create the entire pool of Guardian dice for the turn in one activation, counting up all the friendly generators in play(which means reserves wouldn't contribute to the total) .   You can only build the Guardian Pool once per round. 

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