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Unit Attachment questions.

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I have questions, that I will be using the Imperil Colossus battlefleet as an example, as it helpfully illustrates both my questions.

One; I can have one Hochmeister as a flagship. Can I then, as per the entry on the Hochmeister itself, attach him to a unit of Metzgers? I feel some of these "promoted to flagship" units need some kind of escort (though this may be overkill here)- is this an option, or does he loose this attachment as a flagship? Can he take escorts at all?

Two...let's say I take that unit of Metzgers in either case. Can I add ANOTHER unit of them (as I am allowed two colossi units) AND attach a Hochmeister to the unit, or would the Hochmeister attachment count as a third, ILLEGAL unit? What I'm getting at is, are attached units counted in the restrictions, or are they just counted as an option, and ignored by the restrictions? Because points not withstanding, no idea why I'd attach a Hochmeister to a unit of Metzgers if that's the case, rather than take a full squadron of both units and keep them separate.

Thanks in advance.

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For the first question, I believe its constructed so that a 1 Flagship Hochmeister can join 1-3 Metzgers or just build a 1-3 Flagship  Hochmeister fleet of its own. Either way you get the defense bonus in coherency, as the wording in the attached rule is because the class traits are different .

For the second question, the Flagship unit doesn't count towards the position limits, as per the orbat says for a Colossus battlefleet, so you would have 1 unit as the flagship and 1-2 surface units meeting the additional reqs.

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