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A suggestion about Dystopian Wars ORBATs

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I hope this is alright. I really wanted to get some eyes on this.

My friends and I having issues planning out our fleets, and thought I'd share some thoughts.

The entries in the ORBATs really need a small picture or something of what the unit looks like. A diagram, something. Now I don't expect this on unreleased units of course, but it would help identify what some of them are easier, because to even being fairly new it's confusing trying to identify them as the ORBATs are getting a bit packed now.

Also, hybrid or units built from different sprues (or builds in terms of the Ottoman double-hull cruisers) are kind of hard to identify or understand from an outsider. Like the Prussian Supremacy cruiser needs to be built from parts from the support and frontline sprues. Or say, the Enlightened's new carrier frigate - is this unreleased, or are we expected to take the launch catapult from the frontline cruisers and fit it in the frigate hull for that unit? Perhaps having a designation of what sprue (frontline, support, advanced or unreleased) it's on may help?

I understand it's always in progress, but maybe making it easier to understand might help a bit.

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