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Non-Apex Hellions?

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So, dusting off my old Enlightened...been a long time.

Found the new Apex Hellions - love the idea, but there's a lot indicating regular hellions - terms like "pack leaders" and "apex" in the descriptions imply there should be a lesser variation somewhere.

Am I missing something? I can't find anything outside of the Apex description, but I swear there was a regular Hellion model at some point? I can't find anything in the downloadable cards or anything.

I'd love some plastic, flying constructs. They sound delightfully horrifying.

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Earlier this year/late last year they dropped an Outlaw Posse called Murder of Hellion, with a Boss named Caym.  He has a lot of synergy with Apex Hellions.  You can take that posse as an Enlightened player. 

That box, plus the Apex Hellion box are the only Hellion units out there atm. 

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