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July Releases: Take to the skies as the Magenta makes its maiden voyage

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Strap in for takeoff this month; you won’t want to miss the latest pre-orders coming to Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics!

Following the launch of the Oriflamme for Dystopian Wars, the Latin Alliance embark on an aerial assault with the release of the Magenta Battlefleet Set. Meanwhile, the Sultanate are deploying a more grounded reinforcement plan this month with the Sultanate Support Squadrons to back up any Sultanate navy.

Grizzled by the Ore War and impelled by hatred, the Quantrill’s Raider Posse rides into Wild West Exodus to enact violence against the Union first and take names afterwards.

In the depths of the Bayou sits the Black Lake Manor, a once luxurious estate that has laid dormant for many years now. Bring life, or death, back to the manor and bring your battles to the bayou with the Black Lake Bayou Set from Warcradle Scenics.

Due to be released at the end of July.

Warcradle Studios July Releases

Dystopian Wars

A whole new dimension of combat opens up this month as the Magenta hovers high above its opponents to cause trouble for those below.

The Sultanate, seeing the need to rally their forces, calls for more reinforcements this month with the Sultanate Support Squadrons.

Magenta Battlefleet Set

Alliance_Magenta_Group (1).jpg

Named after the Alliance victory against the Imperium in 1859, the Magenta class is the pride of Napoleon’s levant fleet.

These powerful battlecruisers are capable of hovering a hundred metres or more above the sea bringing their powerful heat lances or other weapons to bear.

The Saint-Michel Levant Assault Carrier is often the centrepiece of a Levant focussed battlefleet. Flight crews of the fighter craft that launch from Saint-Michel are often known as ‘Anges de la Mort’ as a matter of pride. The agility of the skimming Levant Carrier allows it to surge to great heights then descend upon the enemy as scores of ‘angels’ unleash the wrath of President Louis-Napoleon.

This box contains:

  • 1x Battlecruiser (can be built as either a Magenta or a Saint-Michel Class ship)

  • 2x Levant Cruiser (can be built as either a Chasseur, Furieux or Voliere Class ship)

  • 2x Epaulard Artillery Submarine

  • 2x SRS Token

Sultanate Support Squadrons

Sultanate Support Squadrons

The flight crew of Constantinople Carriers are rightly proud of their assignment. It is said that "the blood of a wingman is thicker than the water of the womb" and that is certainly the case for these pilots.

These aerial combatants are like a close-knit family as they know they can only rely on each other once the fighting starts and they don’t let outsiders forget it.

This box contains:

  • 2x Support Cruisers (can be built as either a Constantinople, Mihrimah, Konya, Aydin  or Morea Class ship)

  • 4x Escort Skiff

  • 2x SRS Token

Wild West Exodus

Rage boils over in the Wild West this month as the Quantrill’s Raider Posse are back to fight for the Outlaws in the name of the Confederacy, but this time it’s personal.

Quantrill’s Raiders Posse


 QR_Group_FR (1) (3).jpg


To think that William Quantrill was once a teacher is almost impossible to believe. The man driven by hatred and violence is now spoken about only in hushed tones, often by the weeping widows he leaves in his wake.

To him, the Ore War never ceased and he will only be at peace when the yankee blue-bellies are purged from this land in flame and death. At least that’s what he tells people who are brave enough to ask.

There is a darker truth behind his eyes. Even before he was critically wounded in a Union ambush, he was known for the massacre of men and boys. He simply enjoys causing pain and terror to any who stand in his way. The story goes that it was only purest hate that willed him to survive the almost fatal wound he received at Wakefield Farm, though Enlightened medicine surely played its part.

Now he has vowed to take revenge on every last member of the Union that he can. Soldiers or civilians, loyalists or former Confederates, Quantrill will have his pound of flesh and then some.

This box contains:

  • 1x William Quantrill

  • 1x Georgia Maddox

  • 1x Richard Maddox

Warcradle Scenics

Bring a bayou themed backdrop to your wargaming battles and host shootouts through rundown corridors and half-sunken boats with the Warcradle Scenics Black Lake Bayou Set.

Black Lake Bayou Set

Black Lake Bayou Set

Built many years ago when the French had colonised the local area, the Manor at Black Lake was once a place of opulence where the well-to-do would dine and socialise. Since the Ore War, it has certainly lost its shine.

While still an imposing building, it is now for a very different reason. Rumours of it being haunted and the now overgrown local flora make it creepy rather than captivating. The ‘ownership’ of the building has changed hands many times over the past years with everyone staking a tenuous claim from local moonshiners to Confederate remnants of the Ore War to Mme. Marie Leveau and her entourage. This last entry being the source of many of the macabre tales that seem to centre around this former location of luxury.

This set contains:

  • 1x Black Lake Manor

  • 1x Black Lake Boat House

  • 1x Black Lake Summer House

  • 1x Black Lake Paddle Steamer

This month is packed full of so many exciting new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics. What are you looking forward to the most?

Make sure you don’t miss out when these go live for pre-order on the 24th of June 2022 from your FLGS or Wayland Games Online.

Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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