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April Releases: The Sultanate Set Sail and The Commonwealth deploy the Mammoth Murmansk

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This April there is a lot to look forward to from Warcradle Studios, with exciting new pre-orders for Dystopian Wars,  Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics.

April ushers in the introduction of a new faction to the sea as the Sultanate makes a valiant entrance to Dystopian Wars with the Anatolia Battlefleet Set. Waves begin to crash over the decks of a mobile stronghold as the Murmansk resurfaces for the Commonwealth and the Union call in more supporting vessels with the Union Support Squadrons.

The wild side of Wild West Exodus gets that little bit wilder as the Ceruleans are back with a separate box of Cerulean Infiltrators for the Watchers.

The town of Retribution returns to your tabletop with the Retribution Town range, now available as individual terrain kits.

With so much to come for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics, make sure you don’t miss out when they are available to pre-order from the 25th of March 2022.

Due to be released at the end of April 2022.

April Releases - Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus. Warcradle Scenics

Dystopian Wars

The Sultanate joins the fray as the Anatolia Battlefleet Set is ready to set sail with their enriched knowledge unlocked by the New Learning.

Almost as large as the Ice Maiden itself, the gigantic Murmansk Mobile Stronghold breaks the surface of the water and emerges in all its glory to repair any Commonwealth vessels.

With these two huge releases the Union are forced to deploy additional reinforcements in the form of the Union Support Squadrons.

Anatolia Battlefleet Set

Once assumed to be at the brink of collapse due to their idleness, the Sultanate can no longer ignore the pressures of foreign enemies and has launched their first fleet to the seas of Dystopian Wars with the Anatolia Battlefleet Set. 

Anatolia Battlefleet Set Group


This box contains:

  • 1x Anatolia Battleship
  • 2x Cruiser (can be built as either a Iskandar, Izmir, Pasha or Sadrazam Class ship. Both cruisers can also be combined to build a Hurrem Grand Cruiser or a Mehmed Grand Monitor)
  • 4x Temir Frigate

Murmansk Battlefleet Set

Rising from the depths, what at first looks like a small blot in the ocean becomes larger and larger until the massive Murmansk Mobile Stronghold breaks through the surface of the water. With a monumental crash of water the Murmansk is ready to aid any Commonwealth vessel. 

Murmansk Battlefleet Set Group


Part firebase and part repair yard, a Murmansk allows the Commonwealth to expand its theatres of operation around the globe. Utilising integrated void engine technology acquired by Helsinki Markov, the Murmansk can appear unexpectedly, rising from beneath the waves in a matter of minutes. The engineering teams aboard a Murmansk are so well drilled that they can even make emergency repairs during an engagement. Often an opponent of the Commonwealth thought a key target was critically damaged only for the brave teams aboard a nearby Murmansk to keep it in fighting condition.

This box contains:


  • 1x Mobile Stronghold (Can be built as either a Murmansk, Tobolsk, or Anastasia Class Ship)
  • 4x Frontline Cruiser (can be built as either a Kutsov, Oleg, Sineus or Norilsk Class Ship)
  • 2x Support Cruiser (can be built as either a Khatanga, Morozko or Pravda Class ship)
  • 2x Stoletov Ekranoplan
  • 8x Rurik Class Frigate
  • 4x SRS Token

Union Support Squadrons

Following the soon-to-be released Enterprise Battlefleet Set, the Union are looking to strengthen their forces with the deployment of Support Squadrons. Packed with Cruisers and Automata this set adds a punch to any Union fleet.

Union Support Squadrons

The Union fleet has seen a number of technological improvements since the defection of Nikolai Tesla from the Imperium, and a significant overall increase since the end of the Ore War. Support Cruisers and Automata have all been upgraded by the creative team in the Pipeworks. 


This box contains:

  • 2x Union Support Cruisers (can be built as either a Discovery, Roanoke, California, Montgomery or Washington Class ship)
  • 4x RC-52 Patriot Automata
  • 2x SRS Tokens

Wild West Exodus

The pre-orders this month are out of this world as the Ceruleans return to Wild West Exodus. Eager to blend in and observe, these Cerulean Infiltrators are ready to aid any Watcher posse you may possess.

Wild West Exodus Pre-Orders

Cerulean Infiltrators

Hidden deep within society, the Cerulean Infiltrators have long lived amongst us and are now available outside of the Cerulean Clade Posse box. Full of undercover extraterrestrials, bring these masters of mimicking to your Watchers force.


 Inflitrators Group Shot FR.jpg 


The Vreib possessed a naturally evolved chameleonic ability that helped them avoid or manipulate the many predators of their home world. When it was time for the species to join the Watchers Hegemony, this talent was seen as uniquely valuable.

The Watchers spend centuries observing, trying to understand the sentient species of the galaxy. Being able to infiltrate such societies and live among them, even to think like them, was now possible thanks to the genetic talents of the Vreib.

This box contains:

  • 5x Cerulean Infiltrators

Warcradle Scenics

Now available for the first time in individual terrain kits, the bustling town of Retribution returns to your tabletop as the scene of epic gunfights and deadly shootouts.

Retribution Town Range

As the dust settles and the blood dries up in the scorching heat, the town of Retribution surely will not remain silent for very long. Following the conflict between Gustave Eiffel and Nikolai Tesla in Showdown at Retribution, the town of Retribution is now available as separate terrain kits to further customise the settings of your favourite wargames.

Retribution Town Range Group

There’s a lot to love this month with so much coming for Dystopian Wars, Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics.

Make sure to pre-order yours on the 25th March 2022 from your FLGS or Wayland Games online.

Want to keep up to date with all the latest news and releases? Check out the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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