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February Releases: Something monumental awakens beneath the sea for The Imperium

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February is upon us, and with it there are a whole host of exciting new releases for Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus that you will not want to miss.

Not to be outdone by the Japanese’s introduction to Dystopian Wars, The Imperium valiantly return to the seas of the Dystopian Age with two new Battlefleet Sets! To combat this rise in power, The Crown are deploying more reinforcements with their Support Squadron.

Augmentation aplenty for Wild West Exodus as Gustave Eiffel continues to expand his Enlightened force further with even more Mono-Cavs and Strider-Cavs, which will be available to purchase separately from the Showdown at Retribution Two-Player Starter Set.

Don’t miss out on all of these exciting new releases that are available to pre-order from January 28th 2022. 

Due to be released at the end of February 2022.


Dystopian Wars

The Imperium are upping the ante this month, attempting to rule the seas with an ironfist using the Hochmeister Battlefleet Set and the Konig Battlefleet Set. 

Not to be beaten, The Crown deploy their own British Crown Support Squadron to strengthen their fleet. With the amount of power being introduced to Dystopian Wars, this month looks to be a very exciting one.

Hochmeister Battlefleet Set

Something massive stirs beneath the seas of Dystopian Wars for The Imperium. As it marches ever closer, the Hochmeister Battlefleet Set is ready to strike.

Hochmeister Battlefleet Set Group Photo

The Hochmeister is a mechanical marvel crewed by Teutonic Knight-Luminaries. These Vitruvian colossi stride the seabed waiting for the perfect time to strike, launching upwards on powerful hydro jets.


The Hochmeister erupts from the sea, water cascading off its hull as its huge Zweihänder sword cleaves through enemy vessels in an awesome display of Imperial might.


As with all machines of war in The Imperium arsenal, their Colossi can be refitted to suit a different purpose.

The Metzger Vitruvian Colossus exchanges the sword and shoulder mounted turrets for more devastating weaponry such as the Uber Flak Vierling and the Claw Arc Projector.

Both of these come directly from the vaults of the Teutonic Knight-Luminaries and are therefore rarely seen. When one of these Colossi appears in the midst of combat a cheer will erupt from the crews aboard the nearby Imperium ships as they are seen as an omen of victory, usually for good reason.


  • 3x Hochmeister Vitruvian Colossi. Each Colossus can alternatively be built as a Metzger Vitruvian Colossus

Konig Battlefleet Set

Not content with just one release this month, The Imperium launch a second assault with the Konig Battlefleet Set.

Konig Battlefleet Set Group Photo

The Teutonic Knight-Luminaries developed an advanced generator ship utilising much of the Elector class design.

Imperium_Konig_FR (1).jpg 

Featuring the latest in metallurgical and technological advancements, the Konig class is used to lead Teutonic battlefleets in operations around the globe. By decree of the Kaiser, these vessels are accountable only to the Grandmaster herself.

Not only does this vessel boast an impressive array of generators it is also equipped with a devastating range of weaponry including a fore-mounted Sturmbringer. This combination makes the Konig a very valuable asset to any Imperium battlefleet.

Like all capital ships the Konig is always supported by a combination of frontline, support and other smaller vessels.


  • 1x Konig Class Battleship

  • 1x Ferdinand Class Cruiser

  • 1x Augustus Class Cruiser. The Augustus can alternatively be built as a Schaumburg Class

  • 2x Arminius Class Frigates

  • 2x Sigimer Class Destroyers. Each Destroyer can alternatively be built as Toten Class

  • 1x Blitzen Bomber special SRS Token

  • 1x Imperium SRS token

British Crown Support Squadron

Following the release of the Victory Battlefleet Set, The Crown have more in store with the British Crown Support Squadron, which aims to assist any Crown fleet with further reinforcements.

British Crown Support Squadron Group Photo

While the Frontline Squadrons of the Crown Royal Navy are used to going toe-to-toe with enemy fleets, the Support Squadrons serve a range of unique roles to aid and assist the fleet as a whole to complete their missions.


  • 2 x Agincourt Cruisers. Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Athelstan or Hotspur Class 

  • 4 x Excalibur Heavy Destroyers

  • 2 x Morgana Submarines

  • 2 x SRS Tokens

Wild West Exodus

The wheels begin to whir and the pneumatic legs stride forward with the release of the Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs, a set featuring options to build both the Mono and Strider-Cavs seen in the Showdown at Retribution Two-Player Starter Set.

Mono-Cav and Strider-Cav


Augmentation to overcome injury or disability was the goal of the Covenant of the Enlightened when they first began to experiment with grafting mechanisms to flesh. The power source known as RJ-1027 enabled the Covenant to take this intention to an extreme with more audacious and extensive modifications being possible.

Some constructs had their legs and lower torsos replaced with motorised mono-wheels, commonly called Seekers, or with multiple articulated steel limbs, who became known as Widowers.

If a construct could control a simple motorised mono-wheel, then why not integrate one into an RJ powered, gyro-stabilized weapons platform? The Mono-Cav was born.

Utilising the same methodology is the Strider-Cav, a natural advancement of the Widower construct. Four pneumatic legs power it forward, resembling a sinister steel spider.


  • 2 x Mono-Cav Constructs that can alternatively be built as Strider-Cav Constructs

  • 4 x Bases

With so many fantastic pre-orders this month for Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus it’s hard to pick a favourite. What are you looking forward to the most?

Make sure you don’t miss out when these go live for pre-order on the 28th of January 2022 from your FLGS or Wayland Games Online.

Keep up to date with all the latest news and releases on the Warcradle Studios Blog and socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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