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New gamer - questions about background, models

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I wanted to know if there is an up-to-date map of the DW universe? it is to help me understand how to evolve this universe which is totally unknown to me.

I notice that there is no base for the miniatures at all, is that forbidden? not recommended? because I would like to avoid damaging the miniatures while playing them and a base would prevent that (then it would be perhaps easier to distinguish the orientation of the weapons.

I ordered myself Prometheus and I would like to know what is the value of the fleets in points?

If you have videos even on youtube that explain the world of the game well, I'm interested!

Thank you for everything and have a good fight!


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I can only answer two of your questions sorry mate. You don't need bases for the models (but you raise an excellent point about orientation and angles, missed opportunity by the model designers there). They are very sturdy and unless you do something that would damage any model, they won't get damaged through usage.

The fleet points value (and the rules) are all free on the "Pick a Faction" link on the dystopian wars web page. you can jump on, download the ORBATYS for free and go from there.

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