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Why is the Brittania heavy battleship so expensive?

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So, nothing about this ship is any better than a Borodino minus the prow ram (which isn't particularly important). There are very minor differences (borodino has 14 citadel, Brittania has 15; but Borodino is faster by 1), but the Borodino is is over 40 points cheaper AND has an actually useful generator (because the guardian is straight up useless unless you buy a shield generator or have one in bumping-up-against-it range (which seriously sacrifices tactical options) and 4 dice is pathetic compared to shroud generators giving obscured. The logic behind it makes no sense. Nothing about it is "heavy" outside of it being slower than most battleships...  I just can't follow the logic. 

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Crown faction rules are ok, but other faction rules are also very strong. So I kind of share the creators opinions. The only heavy on this is the prize. I'd lower it to 240 points that seems to be right place. And give it a shield gen instead of a guardian.

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