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October Releases: Witness the Showdown at Retribution with the New Wild West Exodus Two Player Starter Set

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This October is set to be very exciting at Warcradle Studios, with some massive releases for the gunslinging world of Wild West Exodus. Including a brand new two-player starter set; Showdown at Retribution as well as a new Warcradle Scenics Terrain Set that can be used alongside the boxed set.

Showdown at Retribution, the two-player starter set for Wild West Exodus includes both the Union and Enlightened forces inside - this will be a great starting point for any new players or a boxed set for collectors to acquire.

Not only that, but this month also sees the release of terrain-based sets in the bustling town of Retribution. The Retribution Town set and the Retribution Town House by Warcradle Scenics can easily be paired with Showdown at Retribution. These can be used with multiple game systems, including Wild West Exodus and Malifaux.

Make sure to get your pre-order in for these exciting new releases on October 15th at Wayland Games or your FLGS!

October Releases Banner

Showdown at Retribution

The Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set serves not only as a great way for new players to start playing Wild West Exodus, but also as an appealing addition to any player's existing collection.

The frontier of the Union of Federated States is a wild and often lawless place. Ideal for outlaws, renegades and zealots to prey on the locals. Now a force led by the morally bankrupt Enlightened scientist Gustave Eiffel has arrived in the town of Retribution.

Showdown at Retribution - Box



Gustave Eiffel

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Gustave Eiffel - Front 



Smash and Grab

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Smash & Grab - Front



Emily Nouguir

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Emily Nouguir - Front



The mayor sends out a call for aid and is overjoyed to find that the hero of the Union, Nikolai Tesla is in the area. But as the Union forces pull into Retribution it becomes clear that this is no coincidence and all has unfolded to Eiffel’s plans for vengeance. The stage is set for an epic showdown in Retribution between these two rivals.



Nikolai Tesla


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Nikolai Tesla - Front 



Union Belle

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Union Belle - Front



Carl Fredrickson

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Carl Fredrickson - Front



Get into the new edition of Wild West Exodus with Showdown at Retribution – a two player starter set designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the savage Wild West in the Dystopian Age. Containing dozens of fantastically detailed Warcradle miniatures, the full third edition rulebook, quick start guide to help you get going straight away and much more - this hefty boxed set is an easy way to explore the game and start your hobby adventure.

WWX3E_Books.jpg     WWX3E_Dice.jpg
WWX3E_Cards.jpg     WWX3E_Tokens.jpg



Showdown at Retribution Box Contents


1 x Nikolai Tesla

1 x Union Belle

1 x Carl Fredrickson

9 x UR-31E Teslabot

2 x Iron Eagle

1 x Gustave Eiffel

1 x Smash & Grab

1 x Emily Nouguier

3 x Mono-Cav/Strider-Cav

2 x Iron Horse

1 x Rules

1 x Quickstart Guide

1 x Campaign Book

2 x Action Card Deck (48 cards each)

2 x Adventure Card Deck (60 cards each)

1 x Template Set

2 x Token & Counters Set

8 x Ten Sided Dice

Warcradle Scenics

Retribution Town Set

Accompanying Showdown at Retribution, is the Retribution Town Set and Town House. With October's releases you can create and fight within your very own town of Retribution on the tabletop.

Retribution Town Set

Most frontier towns in the midwest are sparsely populated, largely lawless, dangerous places to live in or to visit. Retribution, however, is a different story. With the 7th Cavalry and 222nd Infantry Union regiments now based out Camp Soule a few miles to the west, the town has been transformed into an oasis of entertainment and civility in a desert of threats, violence and death.


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Retribution Dwelling (1) 

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Retribution Dwelling (3)

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Retribution Vane



Thanks to the Union dollars pouring in, the town has expanded to include a railroad station, a theater, new housing projects and many more amenities that are denied to most folk out West.

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Retribution Theater (1)


This MDF, pre-painted Town Set contains enough buildings to create the town of Retribution on your tabletop.



1 x Theater

1 x Station

1 x Residence

1 x Barracks

1 x Windmill

Retribution Town House

As well as the Retribution Town Set, you can also pre-order the Retribution Town House. A modular building for Retribution that helps you populate your town with buildings that stand out from each other, depending on how you choose to build them.


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Retribution Town House (1) 


This MDF, pre-painted, modular building allows you to build one of many different Town Houses.



1 x Modular Town House

So October is definitely looking to be a massive month for Wild West Exodus. It doesn’t stop there though.

We also have something very special in the works for all those intending on picking up Showdown at Retribution, introducing…

the Global Gunslinger League!

The Global Gunslinger League is an exciting online hobby introduction from OnTableTop. Discover how to build, paint and play the Wild West Exodus two player starter set, Showdown at Retribution.

Signup begins on the 15th October, so make sure to check this space for the link when it goes live! Activities start November 2021.Global Gunslingers League

Are you as excited as we are? Watch out at your FLGS or Wayland Games, these products are available to pre-order from October 15th 2021.

Keep up to date with Warcradle Studios through our social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts each month.

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The newest releases are now available to pre-order! 

Head over to the full blog article above to get your hands on the newest releases by Warcradle Studios, as well as sign up to the Global Gunslingers League from today. 

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