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Version 3?

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So exciting to see a new 2 player starter box, a great thing since getting people into the game is challenging with the format that retail is in, not too  bad but better this way. But I noticed in the press release comes with version 3 of the rulebook!!!! Did we ever get to version 2? I dont care if I missed 2, we been playing with 1.09 but is there any sneak peek or anything on the new version?

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Chronologically, the 1st edition of the game would have been the Outlaw Miniatures rule set. It was a fairly different game but if you are interested you might be able to find one with a web search. The 1.09 edition that War Cradle published would have been the 2nd edition of the game. I am hopeful that the 3rd edition will be more of an update than a dramatic reinvention of the system. Also hopeful that this means we will also see some models that were either out of print or never printed.

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