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Shield Generators

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One more question related to shield generators - lets say there is a unit where one model has shield generators and others don´t (battleship with escorts, unit of cruisers where some have their shield generators offline) and this unit is targeted by a Blast weapon. If the blast is centered on the shielded ship, then two dice should be deducted from the action dice pool - and this is then applied to all affected ships. So basically one shielded ship provides benefits to other ships without shield. Or alternatively blast is centered on an unsheilded ship. That would mean the blast weapon would use full action dice pool and shielded ship would get no benefit from its shield.

Which one is correct?

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The way I read the rules both ways are correct. It depends on the initial Target. You're not attacking a unit, you're attacking an individual model - so it's your choice. If both ships are viable targets, choose the one without shield generator to prevent your opponent getting the generator benefits. Next game there will be half a blast template of space between the escorts and the battleship :P

I think, this mechanic can also be used to circumvent shroud generators.


In RL it makes no sense to circumvent the shield generators this way. I think the designers wanted just one dice roll to resolve the attack. If you want to take the generator status into account, you would have to roll individual attacks to every target hit by the attack - would have slowed down the game a lot.

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