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September releases: Desolate Dunsmouth Terrain Range Expands

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September brings with it even more Dystopian Wars miniatures to the tabletop and it doesn’t stop there as Warcradle Scenics has some very interesting Dunsmouth terrain in store for Mythos players too. 

Not only are we releasing an Enlightened fleet, the Hypatia Battlefleet Set, but we are also reinforcements for the Britannia Battlefleet Set with the Crown Frontline Squadrons. 

Dunsmouth town is expanding, bringing the Tillinghast Manor to life in this desolate and quiet town. An immense terrain asset to any tabletop that adorns Mythos and any other fantasy miniature or role-playing game. 


Dystopian Wars

This month sees two exciting new releases for Dystopian Wars for The Enlightened and The Crown, namely the Hypatia Battlefleet set and the Crown Frontline Squadrons.

September Releases - Dystopian Wars

Hypatia Battlefleet Set 

Seen within the Hunt for the Prometheus Two-player Starter Set, the Hypatia Class will now be available to purchase in its own Hypatia Battlefleet Set. Expanding the Enlightened faction further, the Hypatia joins the Descartes Battlefleet Set which is released in July of this year 


The theft of the Prometheus by the Commonwealth Agent Helsinki Markov sparked a desperate hunt to reclaim it. However, the Prometheus was never recovered. Despite this setback, Hypatia Class Generator ships were already in production by that point and the first production ship of the class, The Hypatia, was fitted out ready for service.

Now, several years on from the Markov scandal, the Hypatia class has established itself as one of the most versatile ships available to the Enlightened. Not only does it carry significant firepower but the ultra efficient engines and superconductors allow it to also operate three specially overcharged generators. This gives the Generator Ship and its fleet a huge amount of options.

Crown Frontline Squadrons

Here come the reinforcements! Following the release of the first fleet for the Crown faction in Dystopian Wars, the Britannia Battlefleet Set, new additions have been called in to strengthen the frontlines and extend their dominion... Enter the Crown Frontline Squadrons!

Crown_Frontline Squadrons_Group

The most common vessel and backbone of the Crown fleet is the Albion Cruiser. This dependable ship is armed with heavy gun turrets, broadside and torpedoes. Several modifications have been made to the Albion Hull design over the years such as the intimidating Lancelot Heavy Cruiser, the fast Picton and the lightly armed Bedivere. 

With so much coast to cover, and such a large fleet, the creation of the Sabre Class Command Cruiser enabled high ranking Naval officers to command Battlefleets from more numerous, smaller ships. These Command Ships allow the crown greater reach without the need for so many Battleships.

Warcradle Scenics


Dunsmouth - Tillinghast Manor 

With the success of the Dunsmouth line of terrain created with Mythos in mind, Warcradle Studios have even more Dunsmouth terrain in store for September. The Tillinghast Manor and the Expansion Pack will be available to pre-order to take your tabletop scenery one step further, as there clearly isn’t enough of a constant state of tension and paranoia in Dunsmouth already...


 Tillinghast Manor - Tillinghast Manor Front (1).jpg 

The dark and narrow streets of Dunsmouth, Rhode Island, is home to a small fishing community. Typically in communities like this everyone knows everyone else’s business, but not in Dunsmouth. Here people keep themselves to themselves and there is a constant state of tension and paranoia that hangs over the town like a cloying mist. 

Dunsmouth - Tillinghast Manor: Expansion Pack 

The Dunsmouth Tillinghast Manor: Expansion Pack swells with grandeur, adding everything a manor house needs. The walled grounds, garden features, and groundskeeper's house give Tillinghast Manor more of a stately presence.

Tillinghast Manor - Group Shot



The well above average number of unexplained disappearances seem to go uninvestigated by the authorities and the inhabitants tend not to discuss such things with outsiders, if they take the time to talk to them at all.  Dunsmouth is not a place to take a summer vacation, in fact you would do well to give the place a wide berth.

Excited about Warcradle Studios September new releases? Make sure to pre-order from August 27th 2021 at your FLGS or Wayland Games online. These items will be arriving in stores, and in postboxes, from the end of September 2021.

Make sure to keep up to date with Warcradle Studios’ socials, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts.

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