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Step-by-Step: Launching the Ice Maiden!

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The Ice Maiden Battlefleet set is now available for pre-order, with an entire Imperium fleet in a box - have you ordered yours yet?

Being the biggest release for Dystopian Wars since Hunt for the Prometheus Two Player Starter Set, you can pre-order yours now at your FLGS or Wayland Games online. 

Now, onto the important part!

Daz has enjoyed painting this mammoth of a ship to launch on the sea-mat after release day, which is the 28th August 2021.

Follow the steps below to achieve the iceberg encrusted Ice Maiden: 

Ice Maiden Step 1

Step 1 - Over a black undercoat, I gave the iceberg areas a base coat of deep blue (P3 Exile Blue), using an airbrush to speed up the process (this mini is huge!).

Ice Maiden Step 2

Step 2 - I used a mid turquoise (P3 Meridius Blue) for the first general highlight. I applied this over most of the icy areas with an airbrush leaving the previous colour in the deep recesses.

Ice Maiden Step 3

Step 3 - I used a bright turquoise (P3 Arcane Blue) to provide a second highlight. This time I tilted the model to around 45 degrees before applying, ensuring that contrast is created between the recesses and projections.

Ice Maiden Step 4

Step 4 - I wanted to vary the tone a little and add some depth to the cracks and crevices, so for this stage, I used a very deep blue/greenwash (GW Coelia Greenshade). I watered down five to one, which I then applied with a large brush before wiping away the excess.

Ice Maiden Step 5

Step 5 - I gave the icy areas three coats of a very pale blue (P3 Frostbite) ensuring that I tilted the model further away from the airbrush with each pass.

Ice Maiden Step 6

Step 6 - To bring everything together I repeated step 4 and gave the icy areas a wash of Coelia Greenshade.

Ice Maiden Step 7

Step 7 - To add some dramatic shadows I tilted the model away and used the airbrush to apply a glaze of purple ink (Vallejo Violet Ink) which was watered down ten to one.

Ice Maiden Step 8 and 9

Step 8 and 9 - To wrap up, for now, the ice was given a light drybrush of Frostbite. The runway was given a base coat of chocolate brown (P3 Umbral Umber).

Ice Maiden Step 10

Step 10 - I stippled on a layer of mid-yellow-brown (P3 Bogrin Swamp) using a medium square dry brush. This allowed me to build my colours in the usual messy way but with a straight edge when surfaces meet.

Ice Maiden Step 11

Step 11 - The runway was given three glazes of Sepia Ink (Vallejo) in streaks, conforming to the lines of the wood. At this point the runway is pretty much finished, however, I will be returning with more glazes later in the process.

Ice Maiden Step 12

Step 12 - The ship parts were given a base coat of blue-grey (P3 Greatcoat Grey). I masked around these with Silly Putty and used an airbrush to speed up the process.

Ice Maiden 13

Step 13 - All grey areas were given a very quick edge highlight with an ice blue (P3 Frostbite). Once I had completed all the highlights I gave the areas a very thin wash of black ink (Vallejo).

Ice Maiden Step 14

Step 14 - At this point, I began to add some weathering effects. I began by using a piece of sponge to stipple on dark brown (P3 Umbral Umber) - on the edges of the ship areas and along the base of the ice.

Ice Maiden Step 15

Step 15 - I repeated the above process with olive green (P3 Ordic Olive).

Ice Maiden 16

Step 16 - The ship areas were weathered again with a wash of dark rust (50/50, P3 Thamar Black/Vallejo Fluro Orange).

Ice Maiden 17

Step 17 - All steel areas were painted in with silver (P3 Cold Steel).

Ice Maiden 18

Step 18 -The steel areas were given a 50/50 wash of blue/black ink (Vallejo). I also used this wash to add further definition to the runway.

Ice Maiden 19

Step 19 - Steel and grey areas were given a glaze of orange-brown (P3 Bloodstone). I feathered this onto the ice around the areas to simulate the rust bleeding through.

Ice Maiden 20

Step 20 - Key details were given a base coat of bronze (P3 Molten Bronze).

Ice Maiden 21

Step 21 - A wash of brown ink (Vallejo) was applied to the bronze areas.

Ice Maiden 22

Step 22 - All metallic areas were given an edge highlight of cold steel.

Ice Maiden 23

Step 23 - I applied 8-10 glazes of Meridian Blue into the recessed sections of the engine housing, adding more white as I got to the centre point. Take your time with this stage and ensure each layer is dry before reapplying.

Ice Maiden 24

Step 24 - I added a few more glazes of white before tidying up the metal cage with cold steel.

That’s it!

Make sure to get your hands on the brand new Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set for Dystopian Wars,  available to pre-order now at your FLGS or online at Wayland Games. 

Make sure to head on over to The Sturginium Lounge, the Official Dystopian Wars Community Page, where you can discuss new releases with a like-minded community.

You can keep up to date with new releases and more step-by-steps by following our socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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