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August Releases: Deploy the Ice Maiden!

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August is an incredibly exciting month at Warcradle Studios, especially for Dystopian Wars and Mythos players. 

New releases for Dystopian Wars will be arriving at FLGS stores this upcoming month. And if you hadn’t seen the previous announcements this month, Warcradle Studios are ecstatic to bring the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set to your tabletop.

That is certainly not all this month for Dystopian Wars in August. Along with the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set, the first terrain set for Dystopian Wars, entitled the Island and Archipelagos Terrain Set, is also heading for release. Providing more depth to your naval warfare table, taking your games further into the Dystopian Age from just a blue table cloth.

The faction many of you have been waiting for, The Crown are finally joining the battle too this August. With the Britannia Battlefleet Set, the highly anticipated British were announced on St George's Day. For centuries they were the greatest power across the world, now players can reassert this dominance using The Crown to keep other factions under her Majesty's control. 

For those who have now received their Constitution Battlefleet from last month’s releases, you can now receive some reinforcements for the Union. The Union Frontline Squadrons are making their way onto the rough seas, ready to bolster up your faction with some serious American Spirit fuelling the journey. 

Want to harness the power of Mythos in a new location? After the incredible success of the Dunsmouth line of terrain, the Augusta Terrain Set became the newest destination to fight for. 

Hang on to your seats, as August is going to be a huge month. So keep your eyes peeled below for more detail on these upcoming products. 

July Pre-Orders August Releases - Dystopian Wars

Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set

Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set is the largest release for Dystopian Wars since the Hunt the Prometheus Two-Player Starter Set released earlier this year.

Imperium_Icemaiden_Painted_FR (2).jpg

The Ice Maiden has undergone refinements, as the ship is now customisable. Players can choose from multiple options including guns and turrets for the Ice Maiden, as well as access to the Battlefleet Set.

It was the invention of Pycrete, acquired by the Knight-Luminary Herman Mark, that enabled the first Ice Maiden ever built. The concept of a ship constructed out of a hollowed out iceberg was initially greeted with some scepticism but after the initial tests, it was deemed worth further exploration. The initial prototype vessel was named the Eiskalte Schoenheit, and, being the very first ever constructed, lacked some of the later technologies of her sisters. Her unique size and strength at sea ensured she dominated any naval engagement.

Imperium_Ice Maiden_Group (3).jpg

With a displacement in excess of 100,000 tonnes and a crew of over 6,000, the Ice Maiden Dreadnought Super-Carriers are the largest vessels in the Imperium’s navy. They each boast a complement of sixty Messer strike fighters, a dozen Blitzen Bombers and enough supplies to ensure its squadrons can carry out a range of sorties wherever needed.

The SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina was the Flagship of the First Atlantic Fleet and pride of the Königlich Preußische Marine. Named after the Kaiser’s eldest daughter and heir to the Imperial Throne, this immense vessel gives an especially deadly version of the infamous ‘Kaiser Salute’ with her six Heavy Volt Gun Batteries.

Whenever one of these mighty constructions are committed to a naval action they are invariably accompanied by a multitude of smaller support vessels and frontline cruisers to defend the behemoth from smaller, faster enemy craft. The weapons mounted in the bow of the Ice Maiden can easily and quickly be swapped out to fit the mission at hand much like almost all other ships in the Imperium Navy.

The Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set is a fleet for the Imperium, with a large number of points in a box, this will be a great place to start the faction. This set will also pique the interest of hobbyists who love to collect naval ships and the Dystopian Wars ranges. 


  • 1 x Ice Maiden Super-Carrier

  • 6 Blucher Cruisers

    • Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Augustus, Schaumberg, Reiter, Volsung or Konrad Class depending on the build you choose for the Ice Maiden

  • 6 x Arminius Frigates

  • 6 x Sigimer Destroyers

    • Each Destroyer can alternatively be built as a Toten

  • 6 x SRS Tokens (3 SRS & 3 Special SRS)

Islands Set 

The Islands and Archipelagos Set is one of the few naval themed terrain sets on the market, and the first set of terrain for Dystopian Wars. 


When negotiations between the Factions of the Dystopian Age break down or when only conflict will settle a dispute fleets clash. This can happen anywhere across the globe and in the heat of battle many a Captain has been caught out by a sandbank or tidal Island. Some larger islands even have modest fortresses and gun emplacements built on them to add protection to the secrets and supplies that lie within. 


  • 9 x Resin Islands 

Britannia Battlefleet Set

Here comes the British! The Crown is here to make their entrance, after anticipation from St. George’s Day - the Britannia Battlefleet Set finally here! Warcradle Studios have been busy bringing this fleet up to speed with the Enlightened and the Commonwealth, with even more to come for The Crown very soon, so make sure to keep those eyes peeled. 

Crown Britannia Group

The Britannia class Heavy Battleship is a testament to the might of the Crown and symbol of power in defence of her Dominions. Rumour of her mere presence in local waters has quelled uprisings and deterred piracy. Bristling with armaments and protected by thick steel armour and Guardian Generators these powerful vessels are the pride of the Royal Navy. The Britannia Class Battleship was ahead of her time when the first vessel was launched over three decades ago and has been in service ever since. Many of the latest battleships are now catching up with the engines, armour and weaponry equipped by the Britannia but she can still hold her own against any other Battleship on the water.

Crown_Britannia_FR (1).jpg
Crown_Britannia_BK (1).jpg

Over the last century Crown engineering technology has been ahead of the rest of the world and their naval superiority has earned them control of the seas. That control has been slipping for some time now and while her fleets are still numerous the Crown’s international dominance is no longer assured. The fleets still continue to have a presence across the globe and alongside the Britannia Class Battleships numerous Cruisers and Frigates can be found.

The most common Cruiser in the fleet is the Albion Cruiser. Armed with heavy gun turrets, broadside and torpedoes, this ship is the backbone of the Crown Fleet. Several modifications have been made to the Albion Hull design over the years such as the intimidating Lancelot Heavy Cruiser, the fast Picton and the lightly armed Bedivere. With so much coast to cover and such a large fleet the creation of the Sabre Class Command Cruiser enabled high ranking Naval officers to command Battlefleets from more numerous, smaller ships. These Command Ships allow the crown greater reach without the need for so many Battleships.


  • 1 x Britannia Battleship

  • 2 x Albion Cruisers

    • Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Lancelot, Picton, Bedivere or Sabre Class 

  • 4 x Caliburn Frigates

Union Frontline Squadrons

With the release of the Constitution Battlefleet Set last month, players will be thrilled to know that the Union are getting reinforcements - the Union Frontline Squadrons. The Union is expanding steadily, and players will be able to expand upon their fleet quickly.

Union Frontline Squadrons

Almost always found in support of large carriers and battleships are squadrons of frontline cruisers built to withstand direct engagement with enemy fleets. The Yorktown, Intrepid, Reliant and Lexington Class Cruisers all boast powerful paddle wheels allowing them to remain agile under fire all the while raining shells upon their enemies. These ships are in turn supported by the ever vigilant Akron Observers. These rotors watch both the skies and the waves for signs of threats to their squadrons as well as acting as long range observers for the gun crews onboard the ships.

Farragut Frigates are also a common addition to any Union fleet. These small but manoeuvrable vessels are able to make fast raids against enemy squadrons or in even greater numbers, larger vessels such as Battleships.

Being good value for money, this terrain is the right amount for the tabletop sea map - which is used for battle.  


  • 2x Yorktown Class Cruisers

    • Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Intrepid, Lexington or Reliant Class

  • 4x Farragut Class Frigates

  • 2x Akron Observation Rotor

Augusta Industrial Set

The newest terrain release for Warcradle Scenics is here, and designed for Mythos in mind, however adaptable for any 28-35mm skirmish game. The Augusta Industrial Set incorporates MDF, and is detailed with design to come straight out of assembly and onto the tabletop.

July Pre-Orders August Releases - Scenics

Themed around a dark industrial area in Augusta, where the Brotherhood of Belial originates. The Brotherhood are Officers who have been cursed to exist as things shifting in form after they slaughtered all the God Belials followers.

On the edge of town sits the industrial district of Augusta. This collection of small factories, warehouses and depots are busy by day and all but abandoned by night. When the sun goes down the dark alleyways and abandoned lots are rife with illicit activity, squatters, and criminal elements. But it doesn’t end there, things move in the shadows, shapes flow just out of the corner of your eye and if you stand very still you can hear a slow rhythmic thrumming of a vast machine beneath your feet…


  • Warehouse

  • Abandoned Station

  • Factory

  • Water Tower

  • Demolished Warehouse


Also included in the Augusta Industrial Set are train tracks, train carriages and much more. 

Excited about Warcradle Studios August new releases? Make sure to pre-order from July 30th 2021 at your FLGS stores or Wayland Games online. Get ready to deploy the Ice Maiden this August! 

Make sure to keep up to date with Warcradle Studios’ socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts. 

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