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Announcement: Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set and Islands & Archipelagos Set

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We here at Warcradle Studios have been holding on to our excitement for too long. With a brand new trailer outlining the next biggest product heading to Dystopian Wars. Keep your eyes peeled for the newest highly detailed, mammoth unit making its way onto the rough seas. 


After a tweak and a transformation, the Ice Maiden is back and better than ever. Players will now have the option to build their Ice Maiden in several different forms. Whether players want to create the Ice Maiden, the SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina. New customisable features, such as weapon options and an alternate aircraft lift have been added to the refined model.

Ice Maiden has enlisted reinforcements this time around, not just deploying as a single unit but as an entire Battlefleet Set. Including the infamous Ice Maiden, Cruisers, Frigates and Destroyers all within the box. These units are also customisable, enabling players to customise the weaponry across all units.

Ice Maiden Dreadnought Super Carrier

The excitement is not over. Warcradle Studios are overjoyed to announce the first-ever terrain set heading to the tabletop for Dystopian Wars, with the Islands and Archipelagos Set available late August 2021.

Islands & Archipelagos Terrain Set

The Islands and Archipelagos set has the ability to enhance the naval wargamer experience on the tabletop, taking the game further than just the simplicity of a playmat on the table. 

Allowing players to customise the Islands to their gaming needs and immersing the game into more detail and atmosphere, players will be able to incorporate turrets and weaponry using magnetization into the terrain pieces available in the set.

Want to take a closer look at the Ice Maiden’s abilities and more information on the SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina? Be sure to head on over to the ORBATS to take a closer look at the technical. 

There will be some more announcements coming from us this month, including a new terrain line for Mythos, more releases for Dystopian Wars and the release of a faction you have all been waiting for.

We’d love to know what you think of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set and the Islands and Archipelagos Set coming this August. Make sure you head over to the Sturginium Lounge to chat amongst the official community regarding these upcoming releases.

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