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Warcradle Studios Launches Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set for the Third Edition of Dystopian Wars

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This August release will debut the biggest set since the Hunt for the Prometheus Two-Player Starter Set, entitled the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set. Included in the box is 1 x Ice Maiden that can also be made as an SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina, 6 sprues - 3 x Imperium Frontline squadrons and 3 x Imperium Support Squadrons. Accumulating to a total of 6 Cruisers, 6 Frigates & 6 Destroyers.


The Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set provides aspiring players with a new opportunity to get started in Dystopian Wars, containing an entire Imperium fleet in one box - worthy of a high amount of points in-game.

“The Ice Maiden is a real centre-piece model and something to build a truly powerful Force around.” says Chris Pond, Assistant at Warcradle Studios. 

Ice Maiden Dreadnought Super Carrier

Dystopian Wars has built on the spectacular launch of the game at the start of the year with a strong release schedule, proving popular with the community and growing steadily. Connecting with other games titles, such as Wild West Exodus, within the Dystopian Age. 

This is an incredible month for Dystopian Wars as the greatly anticipated Crown faction makes its way onto the tabletop. With enthusiasm building online for the upcoming release of the Britannia Battlefleet Set, the first product for the fan-favourite faction. “We are all really excited for the Crown release. I can’t wait to get my hands on those ships!” Chris Pond, Assistant Studio Manager

Britannia Battlefleet Set Box

This Battlefleet Set Includes the mighty Britannia Battleship and two cruiser sprues each one allowing players to build one of five Crown Frontline Cruisers plus two Frigates. 

Britannia Battlefleet Set

The Crown faction was teased earlier this year on St. George’s Day, providing players with an insight into the upcoming fleet joining Dystopian Wars. 

August is truly an incredible month for Warcradle Studios as a team and an exhilarating month for Dystopian Wars as a game system. With the release of the Ice Maiden, a new faction, and official in-game terrain adding further depth to the tabletop.

The 'Islands and Archipelagos Set' provides enough terrain for a 2 feet x4 feet play area, making it easy to combine several sets for your games or add to your existing terrain collections. Creating a Dystopian Age environment that takes the game past a sea-themed playmat for players of Dystopian Wars.

Islands & Archipelagos Terrain Set

The set of islands have been designed with in-game strategy in mind. Allowing players to add additional turrets on the placements with ease with glue and magnetization, for perfect placement in play.

Islands & Archipelagos Terrain Set

Dystopian Wars is available to purchase from Wayland Games and a vast range of stores worldwide.

Customers can pre-order their Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set, Britannia Battlefleet Set and Islands and Archipelagos Set from the 30th July 2021, ready for the retail release on the 28th August.

All retailers are encouraged to contact Warcradle Distribution at tradesupport@warcradle.com for trade information. 

To celebrate the release of these three exciting products, players will be provided with a wealth of content to support the release. Including wallpapers, interviews, future spoilers, teasers and much more.

This content will be shared within the Sturginium Lounge, the Official Dystopian Wars Community Channel, where players are encouraged to share their engagement with the game with a like-minded community. 

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