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July Releases: The Americans Have Arrived as The Union Enters Dystopian Wars

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Whether you are looking for new terrain for your tabletop sci-fi adventures or expanding your Dystopian Wars fleets, July sees brand new releases for both Warcradle Scenics and Dystopian Wars.

With a huge number of releases this month, be sure to head over to Wayland Games and your FLGS stores to get your pre-orders in throughout July.

July Warcradle Releases 2021_Facebook Twitter-min.jpg



There are three new releases this month for Dystopian Wars, spanning across all three factions. Covenant of the Enlightened, The Imperium and The Union.

With two new Battlefleets for the Union and the Enlightened, with the Descartes Battlefleet Set and the Constitution Battlefleet Set, the Imperium prepares for more reinforcements with the Imperium Support Squadrons.


After the previous releases for the Covenant of the Enlightened, with their involvement in the Two Player Starter Set and the Enlightened Frontline Squadrons. The Descartes Battlefleet Set heads to the sea with the first battlefleet release for the faction since Dystopian Wars Third Edition launched earlier this year.

Discoveries in bionics have enabled peers in that field to influence the behaviour of a number of intelligent animals such as apes, birds, whales and dolphins. The creation of Physeter constructs from sperm whales is by far the largest of these undertakings. Usually they are employed as scouts or observers, bringing advanced warning of approaching enemies. Alternatively, once suitably equipped with a variety of weaponry they can be encouraged to make coordinated ambushes against agreed targets. During a battle, the Physeter Constructs are maintained and deployed from Control Ships such as the Descartes Class. These large, battleship-sized vessels boast advanced weaponry and are crewed by dedicated nautical engineers to further the cause of science.

Enlightened_Descartes_Painted_GROUP FULL.jpg

Even with the Physeter Constructs and batteries of Particle Beamers, the Descartes still need the support of smaller, faster ships. The Enlightened most commonly deploy Lovelace Class cruisers, but also outfit a number of different specifications. The Antarctica Class Superiority Cruiser, not only has a pair of Particle Beamers but also a devastating Heavy Particle Cannon. The Chatelet Class and the Ulysses Class are equipped with a small number of Scythe class fighters for reconnaissance and support, while the Stiletto Class relies on speed to get them in and out of engagements fast.

Enlightened_Merian_Painted_FR (1).jpg

The armed forces of the Covenant of the Enlightened are entirely composed of paid volunteers and are therefore few in number. The technological superiority of the Enlightened makes up for this with automation. Many of the smaller vessels in the Enlightened fleet are virtually crewless automatons loaded with sophisticated routines and reactions. This significantly cuts down on the crew needed for the navy as a whole. The Germain Class Zebek and Merian Class Frigate are two such vessels that are seen in squadrons alongside the larger vessels.



The Union are joining Dystopian Wars with their release, first making their way onto the water. The Constitution Battlefleet Set brings their American Spirit in tow, ready to stand up in their military might on both air and sea.


During the Ore War the Union was forced to evolve into a nation that heavily industrialised the manufacture of weapons and engines of war to produce them at an unmatched rate. As conflict was largely on land, the Union fleets remained significantly underpowered compared to their rivals. With a belief in manifest destiny, the Union began to look beyond their own borders. It was easy to imagine the greedy faces of the other power blocs and the Union’s age old nemesis, The Crown, regarding this upstart American colony with avaricious eyes. To establish their rightful place, the Union focused on developing and constructing a fleet of ships to defend their shores and support their troops as they consolidated their positions around the globe.


The Constitution Class Battleship is now the mainstay of the Union Fleet, the first twelve of these impressive vessels built in the closing years of the Ore War. Their main purpose was traversing the many wide rivers of the nation and rain fire on Confederate defences, or to assist in troop movement, their powerful paddlewheels are equally suited to the open seas. Now they, and many more like them, ensure that the Federated States can achieve their manifest destiny.

Supporting the Constitution Class Battleships are squadrons of frontline cruisers built to withstand direct engagement with enemy fleets. The Yorktown, Intrepid, Reliant and Lexington Class Cruisers all boast powerful paddle wheels allowing them to remain agile under fire all the while raining shells upon their enemies. These ships are in turn supported by the ever-vigilant Akron Observers. These rotors watch both the skies and the waves for sign of threats to their squadrons as well as acting as long-range observers for the gun crews onboard the ships.

Farragut Frigates are also a common addition to any Union fleet. These small but manoeuvrable vessels are able to make fast raids against enemy squadrons or in even greater numbers, larger vessels such as Battleships.



Gain some extra support for the Imperium this month, as the Tempelhof Battlefleet has now set sail, the Imperium Support Squadrons are ready to take the heat off of the flagship in some full-fledged back-up.

Imperium_Support Squadrons_Painted_GROUP.jpg

Commonly found in support of larger vessels of the Imperium’s Navy are a number of specialised cruiser variants. Built on the ubiquitous Blucher Class hull, these ships can be refitted as fast as any other frontline ship. The Konrad Class Support Carrier bears a flight deck with supply for a small number of Messer class fighters, providing air power where needed. Reiter Class Flak Cruisers are equipped with an impressive array of Vierling cannons, deadly multiple barreled weapons that launch scores of flak rockets into the air. These two vessels ensure that Blitzen Bomber squadrons can safely reach their targets without interception. Finally the Volsung Class deploys the formidable Sturmbringer Cannons on their decks that can char flesh and rupture enemy armour with terrible voltaic energy.


The Imperium operates a large number of destroyer squadrons. Superior to the smaller frigates and escorts, Sigimer Class are longer, more heavily armoured and boast additional firepower. Toten Class, are heavier still and are equipped with two Sturmklaue cannons to cast bolts of lightning into the enemy.

All of the new releases for Dystopian Wars are available to be pre-ordered at Wayland Games, online and lots of FLGS stores worldwide.


June Pre-Orders July Releases - Scenics_Facebook Twitter-min.jpg

The popular terrain range from Warcradle Scenics is back, and this time you can get your hands on each individual piece within the set, without buying in to the whole range. Ideal for all your Sci-fi, Gothic and Industrial tabletop games.

Omega Defence Line - GROUPSHOT (2).jpg
Omega Defence Line - Barricades.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Containers.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Fox Hole_FR.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Large Bunker_FR.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Small Bunker_FR.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Tunnels.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Walkways.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Watch Tower.jpg
Omega Defence Line - Satellite.jpg

Upgrade your sci-fi terrain with the pre-painted, high-quality Omega Defence Line. With nine new products from the range joining the Warcradle Scenics library of terrain, there will be no need to break the bank before heading out into your sci-fi escapades.

Starting at £8.00, your miniatures will have hard-cover, that will come straight out of the packaging, assembled and straight onto the tabletop.

If you like the look of next month's releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS stores or online at Wayland Games this Friday. Due to be released at the end of July 2021.

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