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Step-by-Step Guide - Imperium SRS Tokens

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Have your Tempelhof Battlefleet from Dystopian Wars pre-ordered, and are looking forward for your fleet embarking in battle on the rough seas? 

Daz has spent some time this week painting up the Imperial SRS Tokens included in the set. 

Follow the steps below to achieve this effect on your Imperium SRS Tokens:

Step 1 - I applied three coats of white using an airbrush held at a forty-five-degree angle to the token. I also ensured that the direction of the spray came from behind the waves as you can see in picture two. This will give us a solid foundation to create the illusion of water.

View fullsize Step 1.png
View fullsize Step 1.1.png

Step 2 - The token was given a coat of dark green (P3 Gnarls Green) from directly in front.

Step 2.png

Step 3 - The token was given a coat of turquoise (P3 Meridian Blue) from directly behind

View fullsize Step 3.png
View fullsize Step 3.1.png

Step 4 - I gave the token a dry brush of pale green (P3 Sickly Skin) and once again ensured that my brush strokes were focused away from the front.

Step 4.png

Step 5 - The token was given a five to one ratio glaze of green ink (Vallejo)

Step 5.png

Step 6 - The token was given a five to one ratio glaze of blue ink (Vallejo)

Step 6.png

Step 7 - Using a size 00 brush I applied dots and dabs of white across the tops of the waves

Step 7.png

Step 8 - The water was given a heavy coat of gloss varnish (Vallejo)

Step 8.png

Step 9 - The planes were given a base coat of P3 Ordic Olive.

Step 9.png

Step 10 - I applied a mass highlight of two to one ratio Ordic Olive mixed with a deep yellow (P3 Heartfire) across most of the token

Step 11.png

Step 11 - The engine housings and rear body were given a base coat of mid grey (P3 Ironhull Grey) and the cockpits were based with a bright turquoise (P3 Arcane Blue)

Step 11.png

Step 12 - Engine parts and weapons were given a coat of P3 Cold Steel

Step 12.png

Step 13 - I applied an edge highlight of Heartfire to the forward edges of the wings. Once dry the planes were given a wash of thinned down black ink.

Step 13.png

Step 14 - The stripes on the wing edge were painted with P3 Heartfire.

Step 14.png

Step 15 - To finish the planes the yellow stripes were given an edge highlight of bone (P3 Menoth 

White Base)

View fullsize Step 15.png
View fullsize Step 15.1.png

Pre-Order the Templehof Battlefleet today at Wayland Games and a vast majority of FLGS Stores.

We would love to see how you have painted your miniatures from Dystopian Wars. Be sure to show the staff here at Warcradle Studios, and the Official Dystopian Wars Community on Facebook your paintworks, along with gaining inspiration from fellow seadogs!

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