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June Releases: The Mysterious Gloomburg Terrain Range Expands

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June is a big month at Warcradle Studios, with not just an abundance of new Dystopian Wars products, but an expansion to the popular Gloomburg terrain range from Warcradle Scenics

With five new releases in total, June releases are certainly ones to not be missed. So be sure to head over to Wayland Games and your FLGS stores to get your pre-orders in.

June Warcradle Releases 2021_Facebook Twitter (1).jpg


May Pre-Orders_June Releases - Dystopian Wars_Facebook Twitter.jpg

Tempelhof Battlefleet Set

The Prussian Imperium are getting reinforcements, as the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set is making its way into Dystopian Wars. With not just support by sea, but by air too. 

Tempelhof_Carton_FR (3).jpg

Air support is essential for the operation of an efficient fleet and as efficiency is the watchword of the Imperium Navy, Air Support is found in all sections of the Prussian Forces. 

At the heart of this is the Tempelhof Fleet Carrier. Its main role is to get its contingent of aircraft to within striking range of the enemy and provide anti-air support to them. They can often be equipped with the deadly Blitzen Bombers; heavy aircraft armed with devastating bombs to rain down on the enemy decks, coastal defences or even targets further inland. Enemy Admirals who have encountered these large bombers will never forget the deep throaty roar of their engines, if they ever survive the encounter that is.

Imperium_Tempelhof_Group (1).jpg

In support of the Tempelhof Fleet Carriers are assigned a number of specialised cruiser variants. Based on the ubiquitous Blucher Class Hull, but with a specialised bridge section, these ships can be refitted as fast as their frontline counterparts.

The Konrad Class Support Carrier bears a short flight deck with supply for a small number of fighters allowing it to add to the squadrons of aircraft the fleet can put in the air. The Reiter Class Veirling Cruiser is equipped with an impressive array of flak cannons, ensuring the Blitzen Bombers can reach their targets without interception. Finally the Volsung Class Cruisers bear large Arc Cannons on their decks that can turn enemy armour into so much molten slag.

Imperium_Tempelhof_FR (1).jpg     Imperium_Tempelhof_BK (1).jpg

Added to this array of impressive naval firepower are the Imperium Destroyers. The Sigimer Class Destroyers look similar to the Arminus Frigates, but are longer, more heavily armoured and boast an extra cannon. The alternative loadout to the Sigimer is the Toten Class that is equipped with two Volt Gun Batteries. Many an Admiral has underestimated these smaller vessels, much to their dismay as they watch their fleet sinking below the waves.


Borodino Battlefleet Set

Players who picked up the Hunt for the Prometheus Two Player Starter Set will be familiar with this upcoming fleet, the Borodino Battlefleet Set is now available to be pre-ordered individually without buying into the whole set. 

Borodino_Carton_FR (1).jpg

The main warhorse of the Commonwealth Naval warmachine is the Borodino Class Battleship. These vessels are of solid construction and the first of them to come out of the shipyards are still going strong after almost three decades of service. Bearing a comparable loadout of cannon to Battleships of other nations, and equipped with thick ablative armour the Borodino is able to give much more than it gets in a stand up firefight. As a result the Borodino Class Battleships are often found in the thick of the fighting. 

Commonwealth_Borodino_Painted_GROUP (1).jpg

The Battleships are typically accompanied by the frontline cruisers, who’s equally durable armour and heavy gun turrets make them solid opponents for any enemy fleet. The Norilsk Heavy Cruiser has a distinctive long & sleek silhouette and it’s extra turret gives it that little extra firepower needed to hit at larger targets. The mainstay of the frontline cruisers are the Kutsov Class; solid and dependable they can be utilised in any number of operations. The Oleg Class Monitors and Sineus Class Fast Cruisers act as rapid response when speed is more sedated than firepower. In and amongst these larger ships are scattered squadrons of Rurik Frigates, their captains are adroit hunters and enjoy finishing off damaged larger targets.


Commonwealth Support Squadrons

Commonwealth Support Squadrons.jpg

The Russians have more than one release this month, providing reinforcements with The Commonwealth Support Squadrons going on to pre-order this month too.

Commonwealth_Support Squadrons_Group.jpg

Typically accompanying the Flagships of the Commonwealth are support squadrons of cruisers and Stoletov Ekranoplans. The Pravda Support Carriers are equipped with short flight decks and limited aircraft capacity compared to the Mozhayski, but can launch a supporting screen of fighters or bombers to assist in attack runs. The Morosko Heavy Cryo Cruiser builds on the Norilsk hull design with the integration of an advanced cryo generator capable of forming deadly icebergs in their enemy’s path. The Khatanga Cryo Assault Cruiser is favoured by northern commanders as it takes this art of war one stage further with the addition of the ferocious Semyenov pattern assault bore in the prow. 


May Warcradle Releases 2021_Facebook Twitter.jpg

Gloomburg - Castle Set

The ever-popular Gloomburg terrain pieces are back under the spotlight, with stunning new pre-coloured scenery available to pre-order now: Castle Set and Siege Engines & Scatter


The Gloomburg Castle perfectly fits both fantasy and historical tabletop settings, with functional doors and a portcullis that raises and lowers. Complete with arrowslits and battlements, your units will find safe-haven behind these walls for all types of tabletop gamer. 

Gloomburg Castle - Group.jpg

Gloomburg - Siege Engines & Scatter


To complement the detailed modular scenery set: the Siege Engines & Scatter Set.

Offering the perfect add-ons to the Gloomburg Castle, with lookout posts, a catapult, drawbridge, battering ram and ladders.


The mists curl and eddy around the dark village as a gentle breeze disturbs the deserted streets. The only sounds are the crows who gather on several roofs. Shadowed figures move in the darkness, hollow-eyed inhabitants of a once-thriving market town. What evil could have wrought this change? What will you find lurking in the gatehouse at the edge of town?

If you like the look of next month's releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of June 2021.

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