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I started playing relatively recently, and I have quickly grown to really like the game. I've been trying to figure out how I wanted to paint my fleet and finally had an idea.

Something about the Dindrenzi ships reminds me of the Old republic/Empire ships from star wars, so I decided to try to recreate those colors/patterns on my Dindrenzi.

First here is the fleet as a whole.


So far I have:

1x Retribution
1x Nausicaa
2x Conqueror
6x Fury
1x Victory
3x Gladius
2x Trident
12x Hammer

I started with a test batch of Fury cruisers, I painted one of them all the way to completion (barring Serial # and Name).

But I had some issues with the Primer I used (note the slightly fuzzy texture on parts of the ship. And I wasn't terribly happy with the shade of the red paneling.

So I revised the scheme, and have produced these two...
Neither of them has progressed beyond the Red and Black phases of painting, but I am much happier with the tone of the red and overall appearance.

Next I tried out a slightly different method on one of my frigates.
For this one, I simplified the process for painting the Grey a great deal. On the first 3 cruisers I used my airbrush and pre-shaded black over a white basecoat. I also used a mix of brown and black washes. For this ship I just hand painted the grey on over a black primer, then washed with a black ink wash. Both versions were then drybrushed with a very light grey for completion.

I decided to try the new paint method out on one of the larger ships, I chose one of my Conquerors since I almost never use them.
I think once it is done it will really evoke the Star Destroyer/Venator.
And finally, here is a comparison shot of three of the ships I'm currently working on.
More updates to follow as the fleet progresses.

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Well, I'm moving this weekend so I had to pack up my stuff and as such have made no progress painting. Though I did order a couple more heavy cruisers and some escorts, and one of my local shops accidentally ordered an extra Nausicaa, so I think i'm going to pick that up soon.

For now all I have to share is a picture from my latest game, showing both mine and my roommates fleets in all their unpainted glory.


This was a 1500pt game. The flocked bases are asteroids, and the blast templates are planets.

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Broke out the airbrush last night and put the basecoat on the Dread and the second Conqueror.


Then I washed them with a heavily watered down coat of the new GW Nuln Oil.


Next step is to drybrush with one of the new GW dry paints to bring them back up to that nice dirty "star destroyer grey".

As far as using multiple Nausucaa's. I like them quite a bit, I'm finding they provide better and more reliable Large ship hunting ability than the Dread does. Especially at RB2 now that the Ret can't link its front cannons. They also allow me to spread out the main cannon fire a bit more effectively than the dread can.

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Minor updates, I painted most of the Black and the rest of the red on the dreadnought, hopefully I will finish that one soon.

I added an Argus to the ever growing roster


The fleet now stands at

Retribution Dread

2x Nausicaa BB

2x Conqueror BB

Argus Carrier

3x Victory heavy Cruiser

6x Fury Cruiser

3x Gladius Gunship

12x Hammer Frigate

6x Buckler Escort

Lately I've been pretty lax on my fleet painting I help run a convention for the "Game that must not be named" and that has both taken up a huge amount of my time, and rekindled my interest in it, thusly seriously hampering by time spent on ships.

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I was going to use a primarily black base with white accents, and then tag it with the same reds as the rest of the fleet. I'm going for a 40K Inquisition/SS theme with any RSN ships I add to the collection.

Nice! I've been thinking of a similar scheme for my RSN. I can't wait to see it.

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Finished the Dreadnought last night after I posted. I wanted to add serial numbers and a name to it, but I just couldn't get it to not look like it was handwritten. I might try to make a decal to go on it later. Probably going to wait on that until the whole fleet is completed so I can do them all at once.


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