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Union should take Hv Rockets whenever possible!

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Has anyone played the Union yet?  The Yorktown has some very interesting option. Switch the guns for HvRockets and add an Akron observer. You will get 3 of them and the obs. for 304points. This will allow you to fire your rockets at 40 inches(extreme range). The volley's Dice pool, for undamaged ships, is F 15+10+10, 35 dice!!! P&S 15+10+10=35 again. With the guns you only get 26 dice at Long range. So do you want 26 dice at 30 inches or 35 dice at :) 40inches.

I used an all rocket fleet against the Empire, using Japanese ships where possible.  It was not even close to fair. Long live the Union! The downside to this if they cripple you, your firepower will go down a little quicker. If they get with 10 inches you can have a problem. Another point of note you don't have any aft firing weapons as the Rockets are no longer 360.

The union Fleet was a Constitution w AO(akron observers) 275, 3 Yorktowns with AO 304, 3 Yorktowns with AO 304 and 5 Farraguts 94 for a total fleet of 998. All turrets using Hv Rockets. The Empire fleet varied each game.

We played two games like this and the Union walked away both times.  In a gun fleet we played one game and it took longer than both the previous ones. It was also a fairly even game.

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