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HftP Covenant Fleet (in progress)

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Covenant forces from the HftP boxed set (plus an additional light forces pack), that I've managed to complete at time of posting. 

I considered for a while how I was going to approach the paint scheme, and how I'd want to try and replicate the chevron type camouflage from the art, but upon further reflection (and a desire to just go overboard with the Mission Models metallics) I decided to go with a scheme more akin to the Nautilus from the Disney 20000 Leagues film.  It seemed apropos considering the Mad-sciencey, Captain Nemo like personality of the Covenant and the semi-submersible nature of their entire  registry of ships. 

Base color is Mission Models [MM] Copper, with MM Brass for the beamer turrets, and MM Chrome for the pulse turrets. MM Brass, Chrome, and Cold Rolled Steel were used for trim colors and on propulsion. MM Sea Blue was used for portholes, and MM White highlighted areas to be considered light sources for the glow effect.  MiG Starship Wash enamel was used for shading, followed by a retouch of the light sources, then the glow effect was achieved with Vallejo Fluorescent Green mixed 45/45/10 with thinner and flow improver, blown through a Grex airbrush with a .2mm needle at about 20 psi and low flow. 

The cruiser turrets are magnetized and swappable.  


More to come as I continue with the paint for the rest of the ships from the box set and force pack. 

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