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March Pre-Orders: Welcome the Celestian Empire to Dystopian Wars

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April releases have been announced and are now available to pre-order from Wayland Games and your FLGS. What are they? Take a look!

First up, two new releases for Dystopian Wars. The battlefleet for the Celestian Empire, Ning Jing Battlefleet, is on route for the high-seas. Our second Dystopian Wars pre-order is the Imperium Frontline Squadrons, offering support to the newly released Elector Battlefleet.

Next up, bringing reinforcements for the Crown, you can now pre-order Drum of the Nautilus. From feeling the Wrath of Nautilus to hearing the legendary Drum. Captain Nimue has offered the self-aware, large Automata a place in her crew. Compatible with Wild West Exodus, this new miniature can bolster any Outlaw posse while awaiting the command to head to the Lost World.

View more information about our March pre-orders below!

Warcradle Studios April 2021 Releases


Ning Jing Battlefleet Set

This battlefleet set is the first for the Celestian Empire and gives you a large variety of build options so you can personalise your fleet to meet your gaming needs. Whether you’re a new or existing player looking to get started with the Empire, once your fleet is built and painted, you’ll be ready to battle it out on the high seas!

Pre-order now from Wayland Games or from your FLGS.

Dystopian Wars: Ning Jing Battle Fleet Set Box

Ning Jing Battlefleet Shanghai Class Frigate A Shanghai Class Frigate B

Wusong Class Cruiser (option) A  Wusong Class Cruiser (option) B  Meru Class Cruiser (option) A

Dao Class Cruiser (option) A  Dao Class Cruiser (option) B  Jean Class Cruiser (option) A

Jean Class Cruiser (option) B  Yangtze Class Battleship (option) A  Yangtze Class Battleship (option) B

Ning Jing Class Battleship (option) A  Ning Jing Class Battleship (option) B

The Navy of the Celestian Empire is the brainchild of Empress Shinzua, who as Speaker of the fleets quickly moved to control all aspects of nautical warfare in addition to her originally more prosaic areas of responsibility. The Empire is considered a global naval power, especially after their victories at Tsushima and Myeongnyang during the Anglo-Russian Korean Expedition. All of the coastal nations of the Empire design, build and crew their own sea-going vessels, but all ultimately serve the Blazing Sun. Warships are a source of great pride within the Empire, and the expansion of their borders necessitates deploying them more visibly, something that has been welcomed by the Empire's Admiralty.

You can read the full description on the product page.


Imperium Frontline Squadrons

New support is on the way for Prussian Imperium players the with new Imperium Frontline Squadron! Perfect for those in our community who have already picked up the Elector Battlefleet, there are a variety of options to build to meet the needs of your fleet.

Pre-order now from Wayland Games or from your FLGS.

Dystopian Wars: Imperium Frontline Squadrons Box

Imperium Frontline Squadron   Arminius Class Frigate A  Arminius Class Frigate B

Schaumburg Class Cruiser (option) A  Schaumburg Class Cruiser (option) B  Augustus Class Cruiser (option) A

Augustus Class Cruiser (option) B  Blucher Class Cruiser (option) A  Blucher Class Cruiser (option) B

The Imperium war machine is built upon a single concept - efficiency. Having the right weaponry for an engagement is often the key to victory and having access to all manner of different ship configurations allows an Admiral access to what she needs, when she needs it. With widespread rail networks extending from Prussia to the other Germanic nations of the Imperium, the navy (known as the Kaiserliche Marine) decided to equip a new generation of warships and support vessels with compatible gauge rails to allow weaponry and goods to be easily changed in short order. This allows the Imperium to be responsive to the needs of the operation at hand without having to go to the cost or lengthy construction times of creating specific ships to fill those requirements. Should a vessel be needed to bombard an enemy shore battery, then a Blucher cruiser can be modified to create an Augustus Bombardment Cruiser in less than a day. At the Wilhelmshaven Imperial Shipyard, the record stands for the refitting of the warship Stralsund. The cruiser had arrived fresh from hunting corsairs off the coast of Heligoland three hours earlier. In those few hours the yard crew removed her (still steaming) Volt Gun Batteries and installed a Gustav Heavy Bombard in their place.

You can read the full description on the product page.


Drum of the Nautilus

The Drum of the Nautilus is sure to find its way to the Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment - some players will be certain it was meant to be. Whether you’re planning on playing a game of Wild West Exodus, or preparing for Lost World Exodus, this highly detailed resin miniature will be your right-hand Drum on the tabletop.

Pre-order now from Wayland Games or from your FLGS.

Lost World Exodus: Drum of the Nautilus Box

Drum of the Nautilus A   Drum of the Nautilus B

Drum is naturally very resilient, having a 'skin' of thick brass and copper and its strength is that of ten men. While seemingly a gentle giant where the crew of the Nautilus are concerned, he has no compunction in enthusiastically defending himself or his allies in combat. Drum can often be found stationary on the bridge of the Nautilus in an unending vigil, though if the word is given he is happy to venture off the vessel and join the crew in their adventures on land or as part of a boarding party. The Captain's favourite trick is to have Drum walk along the seabed to the far side of a ship while the ship's Chowkidar marines begin boarding actions, only for Drum to ascend on the far side of the enemy deck and cause havoc from this unexpected quarter.

You can read the full description on the product page.

If you like the look of next months releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of April 2021.


Instagram_1000x1000.jpg   Instagram_1000x1000.jpg  2020 Event Miniature - Warcradle Studios  



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