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Primer for new skippers?

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Hey all. 

Totally new to Dystopian Wars with the Hunt for the Prometheus starter set. Wondering if there's a decent reference somewhere that can help clarify what version of DW is what across the years so I can tell what applies to the HftP rules version? 

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As far as I remember Spartan Games published DW 1.0  with several separate Faction Starter Boxes and updated it to 1.1.

They also released "Armoured Clash", which was maily for land based units.

Later they published the  "Operation Shadow Hunter" Set including the 2.0 rules, which were useable for sea, air and land battles - or a mix of all of them.

The "Battle for Iceland" Box contained the "DW: Fleet Action" rules.  A beginner-friendly, less complicated ruleset.

Then they kickstartered DW2.5 and ceased trading. The 2.5 rules weren't sold officially -  but some downloads might be available on the web and some of the backers have a copy of the printed rules.

Warcradle Studios bought the Intellectual Property from Spartan Games and developed DW3.0, the actual HftP. Everything you can download via the official site ( www.dystopianwars.com ) is DW3.0. Everything from elsewhere on the web will be pretty sure 2.0 / 2.5 content.

In the beginning  DW supported warfare by sea, air and land and Spartan Games sold models for all 3 theatres. Warcradle decided to remove the land part from the game and promised to keep the air part (but did not release models/stats yet). They also promised to release stats for the old Spartan models (and did it on the last page of the actual ORBATS).

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Spartan Games ceased trading in August 2017 and Warcradle bought the IP shortly after. They took their time, not only to develop a new ruleset, but also changed the fluff (merged it with Wild West Exodus).

To me it's DW3.0 - to Warcradle it's v1.0x.

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