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Warcradle Studios Diary #35

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With the Dystopian Wars starter set on the horizon, Chris from the studio would like to look closer at the Covenant of the Enlightened Frontline squadron multi-part plastic kit.

Our second sprue for Dystopian Wars is hot off the press and some of you might recognise the ships contained within as belonging to the Covenant of the Enlightened. Yes, these master inventors and scientists are at the cutting edge of technology and their ships contain all the latest gadgets and gizmos from the Dystopian Age, ready to be put to good use sending their enemies to the bottom of the ocean. Here is the sprue itself:

The Covenant of the Enlightened Fri      Enlightened_SRS.jpg

As with the Commonwealth Frontline Squadrons sprue, we showed you a couple of weeks ago the cruisers can be built in a number of different configurations. This gives players a lot of choice for a single product and allows some crafty hobbyists to magnetise parts so they can be swapped out between games.


There are in fact six (yes six!) different variations on the standard Cruiser for the Enlightened; namely the Stiletto Class Fast Cruiser, Lovelace Class Cruiser, Copernicus Class Heavy Cruiser, Chatelet Class Recon Cruiser, Antarctica Class Superiority Cruiser and Ulysses Class Vanguard Cruiser. This is also the first of our sprues to contain an SRS token. These tokens are designed to be mounted on a medium plinth base and look rather nice on the table, especially with a splash of paint on them.

Enlightened_Antarctica_FR.jpg    Enlightened_Copernicus_FR.jpg

Enlightened_Stiletto_FR.jpg    Enlightened_Lovelace_FR.jpg

Enlightened_Chatelet_FR.jpg    Enlightened_Ulysses_FR.jpg

Enlightened_Merian_FR.jpg    Enlightened_Germain_FR.jpg

The Merian Class Drone Frigate and the Germain Class Drone Zebek also make an appearance on the sprue and there are enough parts to make three of either class. These little mechanical beasties are great for swarming your opponents larger ships and in numbers can pack a solid punch.

I have really enjoyed building these ships, they go together very nicely and I hope you agree they look excellent too, with plenty of detail. I have no doubt that painting them will be an absolute pleasure, especially with metallics, but that’s something for another time…


Until next time,



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