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Lord Nat

Pre-Orders seen in the wild

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I know its a shock.... but a certain retail outpost based in sheffield (UK) has pre-orders for Dystopian Wars: Hunt for the Prometheus 2 player starter set.  Release date 30th Jan....

Russian Commonwealth v Covenent 

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I have ordered mine via my FLGS. Not sure when it will arrive with the shipping delays that seem to be effecting everyone. I will be curious to see how the new Covenant vessels scale with the older models

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19 hours ago, Banelord said:

Yeah, DW seems to start again. :)

But I also hope that the old ships (not the "useless" landscape models) will be available again. :D

From what I understand Warcradle is going fully with their own designs on the fleets and races. 

Now what we might see are themes, designs and ideas resurface from the past and I'm sure they'll use the past for inspiration. However from what we can gather the actual casting of old models was a tricky thing for them, many arrived in bad condition or not properly paired/labelled etc... So I figure most of the classics might be long gone or might only come out now and then. Otherwise its full steam ahead iwth the new direction and new vision. 



As for scales I believe they've aimed for the same scale so there's nothing stopping you using classic ships as "counts as" within the current rules. I would not expect any "legacy" rules version to appear; this is a clean fresh start for the game. 

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