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Firestorm beta updated to 0.05a

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From the Black Ocean facebook group:


Update 0.05a of the Firestorm Beta is now LIVE! https://www.firestormarmada.com/

Latest feedback, as well as further internal testing, has produced a revised System Damage game mechanic.

New System Damage and Critical System Damage Token sheet for downloads.

SRS Tokens have been made more vulnerable to Point Defence as well as reducing the number launched from each carrier.

Movement has been clarified both in regard to Formations, overlapping models and turning.

Kinetic Quality has been streamlined and made more straightforward to use.

Blasts and Scatter have been made more dangerous to Mass 1 Squadrons in Formation.

Repairs have been revised in line with new System Damage rules.

Battleships are now Mass 4!

IMPORTANT: Feedback must be given through the link below. Comments here are not taken into account as feedback. There are many more people taking part in the Beta than post on the Black Ocean so conversations here are only reflective of the experiences and opinions of people who post here. Really, the Black Ocean (and other forums) are excellent for constructive and friendly discussions. But to give feedback, post it into the portal please! https://www.firestormarmada.com/

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