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One for the ladies /boys

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Been trying to work out who gains the bonus.

Is the unit /model with the "one for" the only unit/model to gain the bonus? 

Or do the rest of the posse gain the bonus if they're within 3" of a male/female model?  Eg. If a unit of hands is within 3" of a male /female unit and the posse contains a unit with the "one for" rule, do they gain the bonus?

Thanks in advance 




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There is still someone out here XD

Let's take Pancho for expample. If Pancho is within 3" of a friendly female model. He will receive the bonus.  But if there is a unit of multiple models (Hands or Support) and they habe for the ladies. If there is a female model included in that bigger unit, they still won't receive that bonus. It needs to be a model from a different unit.

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Thanks , good to know there's someone listening.

That clears up the confusion caused by "excluding this unit" on the unit card. 

Pity that a unit of hands can't  benefit. 

I play Outlaws mercenarys and was looking for ways to buff up stats. 

Been using Jesse James theme posse, so prodigious faces which is great, but needed a way to make my hands more resilient. 

Thanks again for your support. 

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These forums dont see much use, most of us either post in the Facebook groups or the Discord servers (both official and unofficial)

For the Ladies/Boys though, the model with the rule on its card is the one that gets the bonus.  The rule just specifies who they need to be near in order to gain the bonuses.

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