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Warcradle 3.0 Beta Rules Questions

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My initial question was answered later in the Beta document, but I'm going to go ahead and throw this thread out here for anyone else to add a question/clarification about the beta rules to keep it in single thread so that others will  not have to dig through the scatter all over the forums and facebook(ugh).

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Linking fire question. Wording on the Beta document seems to indicate that ships in formation can link fire their weapons systems but only if the weapons have the same Qualities as the lead Weapon System. So for example the Dindrenzi heavy cruiser, by the rules I can't link Beam Lances of the other two heavy cruiser with the lead ship's Railgun, correct? Only the railguns with railguns, etc. 

But what about weapon systems on the same ship?  Maybe I'm misreading it but it seems there is an exception for weapons mounted on the same ship.  For example can the Dindrenzi Battleship link it's own Railguns with it's own Beam Lance?

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I have to agree it is very clear. You can only link with weapons of the same qualities, with the exceptions being Minimum & Effective qualities.

Thus the Odyssey BB can like it's two Arcbolt Railgun together, but neither can link with the Dorsal Lance Rack or Prow Torpedoes (who also cannot link with each other)..

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2 hours ago, Brimat said:

Question to the initiative roll.

Rules say: "Player B may re-roll their single highest Die". My guess is, it should be "lowest", or "second highest".

I'd brought this up in the past, and it hasn't changed.  We'll have to keep an eye on future revisions, but I think the intent is to re-roll the highest die.

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I’m not sure if there’s a better way to do this, but here are all the notes I took during my first reading of the 0.01 Beta Rules.

FSA Beta Notes

About halfway through my first read through, I think the words “Model” and “Unit” are being used interchangeably.  Perhaps Model should refer to the physical Model on the Hex Base (as you manipulate the Model during various Movement Rules); Unit should refer to the gameplay entity physically represented by the Model and Hex Base, with the various gameplay statistics... and Squadrons for multiple Units that function together within the game.

Mechanically, the Target Number must range from 2-11 (produce an odds chart for a single d6 vs every TN)

Arc names seem wordy, and not unique enough.  “Fore” is better than “Direct Fore”, but with three different ways to use the hex base, I can see why this was chosen.

What are the minimum and maximum point limits the designers had in mind? This is important for testing, as the system will break down at certain thresholds.

Player B has a decent chance to choose to go 2nd for a given Round... I’m not sure how to calculate it though, and brute-forcing the baseline 1,296 combinations is rough.

Odds of a Reserved Helix arriving on a given Turn.

Turn 1: 16.7%

Turn 2: 27.8%

Turn 3: 27.8%

Turn 4: 18.5%

Turn 5: 7.7%

Failure & Unit Destroyed: 1.5%


Things players have to track:

Player Initiative

Ready vs Activated for each Unit

Unit Speed

6 types of System Damage per Model (yuck!)


Movement Section:

“Whenever a Unit is activated, the first Model to be Moved is the Lead Model for this activation.”

“The Lead Model must always move the furthest of all other Models in its Unit.”

I can see arguments breaking out about how to properly enforce this... how necessary is the second sentence?


“To make a turn using the Turn Template, first place the end of the template against one the Quarter Arcs of the Model’s Base.” What is a ‘Quarter Arc’?  From “Headings and Arcs”, the best I can find is:

PQ – Port Quarter

SQ – Starboard Quarter


Moving through Models:  players can intentionally end move on their own models to A) get more movement and give another Unit ‘Come to New Heading’.


Unit Coherency:  “In the extremely unlikely situation where a Model cannot (for whatever reason)...” I cant seen ANY situation where this would happen, given all the preceding rules.



“A Unit with a Mass of 1 may reduce its Speed to zero at the start of its Activation and turn to face any direction.”  By rotating  the Model on the Hex Base, or turning the Hex Base?


Join Formation: Can a Formation be broken by destroying a Model?


Combat: “A Unit will attempt to engage the enemy with all the Weapons Systems that it can bring to bear.”  Is this a procedural Rule, or flavor text?


Declare Attacks:  So Units attack other Units, not Models? (This section is poorly written.) How do you determine which Model suffers the System Damage from a given Attack?



“At the end of an Attack a number of System Damage Dice are rolled and grouped by result. Whichever result is in the majority, that number of results are applied to the Initial Target and the remaining System Dice results are Cancelled.”  So if I obtained 6 hits/successes from an Attack Resolution, and for system damage roll: 1,2,3,4,5,6... I only inflict One damage to One System?


Common Weapon Qualities:



“To determine hits, place the template so that at least the Initial Target is touched by it.” There are no Rules defining ‘the Initial Target’, so I can’t determine where to place the Blast Template.  Also, is a Model hit by the Blast if the template touches the Hex Base?


Effective (X)


“When Leading or Linking with this weapon, as long as the target is in range, this Quality is not required to match.” Match what?  I think this is trying to say the weapon can be linked to other weapons without the Effective (or Minimum) Quality... rephrase to “this Quality is not required to match other Qualities.”


End Phase



Reads like both players can launch Boarding actions against each other... who goes first?



“Suring this step” > During this step


Rephrase 2nd paragraph to:


Each SRS Token contributes 4 Dice to the SRS Attack Dice Pool; the Attack has the Kinetic Quality.


Repair System Damage:


“Models in Formation not only contribute +1 to the Repair Dice Pool, but the results may be applied to any contributing Model. However, the Target Number required by all the Models in Formation is always calculated from the highest multiple of the same System Damage that any individual Model has.”

I think this is trying to say you make one repair roll for the entire Unit, and the TN is determined by the Model with the most damage.  Any successes are applied to any Model in the Unit chosen by the player. (also, never end a sentence with ‘has’)


I only skimmed the Glossary, since it is a reference document, but there are several terms I don’t remember seeing when reading the rules.


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Question about ship speed. Starting speed is determined either by the scenario or just the bog standard starting base speed of 5.  Is there a maximum limit?   Can my battleship start at Speed 5 adding +4 thrust the first turn and then start at speed 9 and add +4 Thrust again to move 13 that turn and so on?

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Sorry guys, but rerolling the highest dice for initiative doesn't make sense to me:

- if it is interesting to react and not to go first, you want to win the initiative roll for choosing not to start

- if it is interesting to go first you want to win too


I don't understand this rule.

The strangest thing is the special rule of Sorylian "tactical acumen" : on the one hand, it clearly shows imo that rerolling the lowest dice should be the correct wording for the initiative rule, but on the other hand why would they have a special rule which is the same as a common rule ??!:wacko:

Another problem with the reserves rules : this rule indicates what to do with a roll of 1,2,3,4 and 6 but not in case of a 5...

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The 0.02 update clarified that the Sorylian Tactical Acumen may reroll both dice if they are the same value.  They didn't change the standard rule for re-rolling initiative, it appears to me that this is meant to be a bit of a rarity for round initiative to change after the roll.

Reserves also changed a bit in 0.02.

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1 hour ago, Zardoz said:

How does Drive Leak interact with units with multiple models? Does a model with a drive leak still end up in coherency in the rear arc of the lead model if it would normally lack the thrust to get to such a position?

Great question.  The 0.02a revision clarified this in that each model in the unit must have the same speed value (see pg.12).  While the Thrust could change, the Drive Leak result won't affect the models speed.  It'll just reduce the model's (and by extension, the unit's) Thrust and Limit abilities.

Any feedback on this should also be sent in via the form on www.firestormarmada.com.  :)


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13 hours ago, Zardoz said:

How does Drive Leak interact with units with multiple models? Does a model with a drive leak still end up in coherency in the rear arc of the lead model if it would normally lack the thrust to get to such a position?

The interesting point on this one is the reduced Turn Limit. We played it so, that we only moved the lead model with ruler and template and then positioned the other models in coherency. Now i would aks my opponent to do this for the damaged model too, if i suspect, that coherency or the "all in the rearward"-position-rule will be broken.

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