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Warcradle Studios Diary #33

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Jim from our Games Design team in the studio has had a vision of the future! He has witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as what just happened! He reveals all…

How's it hanging, game fans? Today when I was in the studio, I had the pleasure of seeing the final production proof of our new board game, Bill & Ted’s: Riff in Time. Let me tell you, it's quite an exciting experience holding onto the physical evidence of my work (if not a little scary!)

Before I even opened the box, I had to stop to appreciate the vibrant artwork that the Graphic Design team have so lovingly created. The colours really highlight that late Eighties, early Nineties vibe we were trying to achieve.

B&T Site Images - Box.jpg

With the box open, I hastily started to remove the game components - the rule book, punch board, figures, cards and dice all went to one side so I could get to the star of the show - the board! It was exactly as I’d imagined all those months ago, with the swirl of the Time Circuits surrounding the gold-recessed Historic Locations.


Next, I examined the plastic player miniatures, each one superbly sculpted by somebody with a heck of a lot more talent than I could ever hope to possess. After that, I unwrapped the cards again admiring the vibrant artwork before I gave them a very satisfying shuffle. Lastly, I scooped up the dice and rolled them all most triumphantly (and loudly) across my desk. Although I’m not sure the clatter of dice and subsequent air guitar and cheering from me was appreciated by everyone else trying to work in the studio.

B&T Site Images - Mini - Group.jpg

As I type this blog post, mass production is in full swing so it won’t be long until you too can get your hands on your own copy of Bill & Ted’s: Riff in Time.

There’s really only one word that sums up my feelings right now, Excellent!


P.S. I maybe shouldn’t be telling you this but I’ve also had a look at the first expansion for the game - Rufus’ Remix. This adds, not only everyone’s favourite dude from the future; Rufus as an optional 5th player, but also outstanding plastic miniatures to make your games even more triumphant!

B&T RUFUS REMIX Site Images - Group (1).jpg



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