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FREE Support Packages - Encourage Your FLGS to Claim Theirs

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Given the unforeseen circumstances that this year has had to offer, local games stores and retailers, across the globe, have been forced to face considerable challenges in response to the unfortunate COVID-19 Pandemic.

It is therefore of utmost importance, at times like these, that we can lean on each other within the industry and share our knowledge and experience wherever possible.


Recognising the struggles forced upon those within our industry, the Warcradle and OnTableTop teams have joined forces to support both the industry and the community by offering a FREE Support Package to every independent store and gaming venue. It's easier to get by with a little help from friends!

Included in this support package will be three CE Certified Face Visors and six Unbranded Floor Decals (in two different designs) to help prepare the opening of stores and social spaces, for social distancing best practises.

Claiming a Free Support Package:

If you are an owner of a gaming store or if you're a community member wanting to help your local store reopen sooner, claiming the FREE Support Package from Warcradle Distribution is as simple as getting in touch with our sales team here: salesteam@warcradle.com.

58141597844206812.jpg     98411598371220034.jpg     73061597844211939.jpg


We hope these support packages provide some relief for independent stores and venues during these difficult times and help to bring the wider community closer together.


Be sure to share this article with anyone who you think will benefit, and help to spread the news - we will bring the community back together!



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