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PD 01

Ritual card

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Place this card to one side of your area and I sit a small counter in the middle representing it is at zero. Some of the Path of Cronozon faction cards list a Mythos Ability called 'Empower Ritual' (highlighted in purple). When this is used you advance the track one space with the counter. Once it reaches '4', '8', '12', '16', and '20' the listed effect comes into play. Note that you use the highest effect of the same type, not both. For example, '4' & '12' do not stack, you only use '12' once the counter reaches this level. The ability at '8' is still available and is in effect. If the counter drops in number due to spending the points (see Lydia's 'A Taste Of Life') you may lose higher abilities on the card as the power drops.

Hope that helps.

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