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Firestorm Beta announced (again) for 9/9/20

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I expect it will be handled much the same way as D-Wars.  There will be a sign-up page on the website, and then you get the download links for the rules, templates, etc.  There will be discussions primarily on Facebook, and here as well, but 'official' feedback will need to be submitted through the web portal in order to be considered.  I will post links here when they become available.


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While I’m really looking forward to seeing how they rebuilt this game, I’m not joining Facebook.  Zuck isn’t getting more of my info for free, so I guess no beta-testing for me.


I also realize all the terrain I made for FSA is likely obsolete; this makes me sad.  I put a lot of time and money into it.

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Posted on the FB Black Ocean group:


Here we go, the Firestorm Beta is now LIVE!

This week we are focussing on the core mechanics. So it isn't about playing full games or using specific ships and factions. It's about getting to grips with how the game engine works. How the movement feels. How combat and system damage works... Enjoy!

Read through the resources, feedback using the Feedback link. Discuss here on the Black Ocean!

IMPORTANT: Feedback must be given through the link below. Please don't just post here and think that is enough. Comments here are not feedback. Comments here are just for constructive and friendly discussions!



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So, we had our first game last saturday, and it was fun. :)

Impressions so far:

The game is fast, the new movement concept is intiutive and easy to do. The possibility of changing speed was used extensivly to cover distances and then to move around in close combat.

The hit&defence-mechanic plays out nice. The PD reroll rule of the Dindrenze is absolutely ace against Soryllian, as they only have kinetic weapons. And the Dindrenzi weapons are sort of surprise for a starting faction, as they ignore all defence rules. :D And the Dindrenzi Frigates have no Effective(x) on their DF Beams, making them good for staying in one corner of the table, linking together and never move again.

The damage rules take getting used to. In the end we accumulated a ton of the same damage effect on one ship, so that, if not repaired, the whole unit is destroyed. After that we decided never to use squadrons of 6 ships again. :) 

Now we need more factions and their rules (our guess for aquans is "Multi-arc devastating beam"-weapons without the Effective(x) rule and overlapping arcs for linking :P )

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I don’t want to be too harsh but there’s a lot of problems here.

The damage rules are really strange and convoluted and it’s really, really hard to put together what happens when you fire on units with multiple models. The attack is resolved against the whole unit and it isn’t clear how damage is distributed, nor resolved. Destruction of a Unit is based on its Mass vs number of system damaged results of the same type - for 4 mass 1 frigates are either all destroyed at once by a single system damaged result, or wouldn’t suffer a single loss until they got 4 identical system damaged results at which point they all explode. And since system damaged results affect an individual model it’s even less clear. Who determines which model is affected by which result? This gets even more confusing when you get into mass 2 cruiser squadrons. 

I do like damage being resolved at end of the end phase, as it gives you a chance to save your ship before it blows up and even activate it no matter how damaged, which keeps you from too easily being burned by a cascade of lost activations. But it leads to another problem - nigh invincible frigates and fragile battleships. Lets say you’ve put 1 system damaged on each of your opponents 6 frigates in a squadron that are in base contact with each other. Well now they get 2 4+ rolls to fix that and not be destroyed - in fact they’d be good as new! Meanwhile 3 damage to a battleship only gives you 3 6+ rolls to avoid dying. and if they’re sorylian they can reroll these, making them obscenely survivable. You’d have to do 3 system damaged to each to reliably kill them - the same damage required to have about equal odds to kill a battleship, but for each frigate! 

And, finally, shields and ignoring shields seems odd mechanically. A S 3 ship, which includes a sorylian cruiser, is more vulnerable to weapons that don’t ignore shields than ones that do? Shields never seem to be higher than 4 so ignoring shields is, right now, completely pointless. you could remove shields from the game entirely and lose absolutely nothing.

The wording for combat is quite strange, it took me a very long time to figure out what ignoring armor, shields and point defense actually ends up doing for a weapon. And longer to figure out how to actually destroy ships.

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