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Warcradle Studios Diary #31

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'Pull on the new flesh like borrowed gloves and burn your fingers once again.'

Warcradle Studios are proud to announce an ongoing collaboration with Richard K. Morgan on a range of games based on his thrilling Altered Carbon setting. 


As fans of the novels we are excited to be able to explore and expand on this imaginative and unique universe. There is so much to explore between the pages of the books, from the dark and seedy underground of Bay City to the wartorn and politically turbulent Sanction IV and even across the alien archipelagos of Harlan’s World. Others planets like Sharya and beyond have been hinted at - it's a great big galaxy that we are exploring with Richard K. Morgan as our guide. 

"Having spent time with the team at Warcradle Studios, I’m delighted to see them take on the Altered Carbon universe. These are true enthusiasts from the ground up, both of the tabletop gaming medium and of my books (so clearly, men and women of very fine taste indeed! :-) ).  Frankly, I couldn’t wish for a better home for the IP and I can’t wait to see where they take it!” 

- Richard K. Morgan

We have had a team working on this within the studio for some time now and they are ready to reveal the first game to be released later this year. For this first foray into Altered Carbon we showcase the brutal and frenetic combat of Carnage’s savage Fightdrome arena.

A card game of brutal arena combat powered by Altered Carbon tech

Altered Carbon Fightdrome is a fast-paced combat card game where two players slug it out in the infamous Panama Rose arena. Each player will have their fighter’s digital consciousness (known as a stack) placed in an engineered or augmented body (known as a sleeve) for each bout. Your card deck will be customised depending on which combination of stack and sleeve you are using. Try to outwit your opponents to get in the killing blow and become the champion of Panama Rose.

“Welcome to the Panama Rose!” - Carnage

AC Sleeves - Hand of God Martyr.jpgAC Sleeves - Mandrake Type VI.jpg
AC Sleeves - Suzaku Covert.jpgAC Sleeves - Urban Riot Synth.jpg

Of course, Panama Rose is only the first in a planned series of Fightdromes that players can test their mettle in. Expect even more brutal arena combat powered by Altered Carbon tech!

Panama Rose for Altered Carbon: Fightdrome will be released later this year. For more information please visit the website and register your interest.




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