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Warcradle Studios Diary #29

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We’re back! After several months of being shut down through this ongoing pandemic, we have confidence that we can reopen the studio. We’ve put safety measures in place to protect our staff and invested in technology to ensure we can get back to the business of making games!

We’re going to produce a series of diary entries regarding each of our games to give you an update on where they are right now and give you a sneak peek on what’s being worked on too. We’ve also got a heap of announcements we are looking to make which would have been made earlier in the year, but things changed somewhat from our original plans!

Let’s talk about Dystopian Wars, our upcoming game of naval battles set in the Dystopian Age. Originally intended for an April launch, the issues with shutting down our in-house manufacturing teams and the massive disruption to materials supplied from China meant there was no realistic way we could launch them. Dystopian Wars isn’t just one product. It is an ongoing commitment to release a range of miniatures and supporting products for a whole game system.

Hunt for the Prometheus

The launch of Dystopian Wars will begin with the release of the two players starter set - Hunt for the Prometheus. This will include a sizeable fleet for both the Covenant of the Enlightened as well as the Russians from the Commonwealth. In addition to those incredible miniatures it will also include the brand new rule book, action dice, critical damage dice, plastic templates, tokens, Victory and Valour cards and much more! We’ll go into the full details a little closer to the release towards the end of this year, but let’s talk about the miniatures and what the delay in the release has meant for us.

The original intention was for the first wave of ships for Dystopian Wars to be in resin, in the same way that the classic game had been served. While we had intended for plastic miniatures to be added to the range over time, resin was felt to be the best place to start in order to meet the April launch window. Of course the global pandemic meant that this was impossible, but rather than just delay our plans for six months to a year, we decided to make use of the time with the limited resources we could still muster. The plastics team moved forward with their efforts and, though it has involved a huge amount of effort, we are delighted to announce that the vast majority of the miniatures in the Hunt for the Prometheus set will be plastic multipart kits! Let’s take a sneak peek…


Above you can see the design of the plastic sprue for the Russians. From the parts provided you can build a cruiser sized vessel in a number of different configurations (cruiser, heavy cruiser, fast cruiser or monitor). It also gives you two frigates and all the generators and turret options you need. And of course those turrets and generators are compatible with many of the other ships in your fleet, meaning that each plastic kit will allow players a wide variety of custom options.

We’ll have much more to reveal on the contents of the forthcoming two-player set as well as confirm the release date. Our plastics are produced in house as part of Warcradle Studio’s investment in manufacture. As soon as we have the plastic sprues in hand, we’ll announce the date and you can begin to plan for your first games.

A new two-player set and a range of plastics? That’s only the start of how exciting Dystopian Wars is about to become. More information coming soon.


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