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What happen with Dindrenzi Federation on warcradle classics?

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The handover from Spartan wasn't smooth, Spartan had already been having trouble before they hit administration and WC bought the company assets through administration rather than as a company buyout. They got a pallet full of stuff and had to spend ages sorting through just to work out what moulds went with what. 

Because they've got their own sculpting ideas and focus they aren't recasting sculpts (I'm not even sure what masters or what condition masters they've got). So when the moulds wear out they get pulled from sale. It's just not viable for them to be investing into moulds for models they aren't expecting to support in the long run. It's only a pain for fans because its taken WC longer than anticipated to get the games back on track - plus Corona has thrown their Dystopian Wars release into a bit of chaos (though I believe they still expect to ship this year)

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2 weeks before they were items on stock or ready to order so even the idea of the models expired is the logical one, not makes sense

Also I notice the items for all te armies been reduced a lot. Seems kinda problem in other way or a company choice.


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