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Finally got around to finishing my Wild West Exodus stuff. I used Daren's "Painting the Signature WWX Look in 4 Simple Stages". I really like how they came out, though the pictures aren't as great as I would have liked (still dialing in my new light setup). I used Citadel Contrast paints instead of the diluted inks Daren suggested and went back over the skin and lenses with traditional Citadel paints to lighten them up a bit.

 Now just waiting for Coronabola stay at home orders to expire so I can find an opponent to run me through some games.

Amadeo Savoia Behind.JPG

Amadeo Savoia.JPG



Esteban El Bruto Behind.JPG

Esteban El Bruto.JPG

Ines Suarez Behind.JPG

Ines Suarez.JPG

Juan Nuevopuerto Behind.JPG

Juan Nuevopuerto.JPG

Juan Ponce De Leon Behind.JPG

Juan Ponce De Leon.JPG

K9 Automata 1 Right.JPG

K9 Automata 1.JPG

K9 Automata 2 Right.JPG

K9 Automata 2.JPG

K9 Automata Gun Dog Flame Thrower Right.JPG

K9 Automata Gun Dog Flame Thrower.JPG

K9 Automata Gun Dog Gatling Right.JPG

K9 Automata Gun Dog Gatling.JPG




Patricia Monaguillo.JPG

Ricardo Fortuna Right.JPG

Ricardo Fortuna.JPG



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